Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

10 Free AR Apps for iPhone and Android

Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting technology that adds layers of interactivity to our environment through compatible applications. While often confused with Virtual Reality (VR), AR has its own unique capabilities. With the recent popularity of Pokemon Go, we have compiled a list of the top 10 free AR apps for you to try.

AR Basketball (iOS Only)

AR Basketball is a fun game that allows you to shoot hoops using your iPhone. Simply print out the target image provided and place it on any surface. Point your phone at the image, making sure the “arrow” is facing towards you, and shoot the ball through the hoop. Download AR Basketball from the iTunes Store.

Google Translate (iOS and Android)

Google Translate offers an impressive AR functionality that allows you to translate text in real-time without typing it into the app. This feature is particularly useful for road signs and public information signs when you are in a foreign country. Download Google Translate for iOS and Android.

ARDefender 2 (iOS Only)

ARDefender 2 is an exciting tower defense game that immerses you in a battle right on your desk or bedroom floor. Build and upgrade towers to defend against waves of enemy attacks. The game requires a target image, which you can download or create yourself. Download ARDefender 2 from the iTunes Store.

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Ingress (iOS and Android)

Ingress is a game similar to Pokemon Go, developed by the same team. It utilizes AR to transform the world around you into a game map. Ingress revolves around two factions, the Enlightened and the Resistance, fighting for control over a mysterious energy. Download Ingress for iOS and Android.

Bugs Mayhem (iOS Only)

Bugs Mayhem is a fun game where you shoot bugs that populate your surroundings. It’s a great way to pass the time. Be careful not to shoot butterflies by accident. Download Bugs Mayhem from the iTunes Store.

Inkhunter (iOS Only)

Inkhunter allows you to try out tattoo designs before getting inked. It superimposes images onto your skin so you can see what a tattoo will look like. This app can also be used to visualize decals on different surfaces. Download Inkhunter from the iTunes Store.

Anatomy 4D (iOS and Android)

Anatomy 4D is an educational app that brings 3D models of organs to life. By pointing your phone at special sheets, you can view and interact with detailed organ models. Download Anatomy 4D for iOS and Android.

Quiver (iOS and Android)

Quiver is a super-powered coloring book that brings your creations to life in 3D. Download special coloring sheets from their website and color them. When you point your phone at the pictures, they transform into interactive 3D objects. Download Quiver for iOS and Android.

SnapShop (iOS Only)

SnapShop is a handy app that allows you to try out furniture in your home before making a purchase. Using AR, you can place virtual furniture items in your space to see how they will look. Download SnapShop from the iTunes Store.

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WallaMe (iOS and Android)

WallaMe is a unique social sharing app that lets you tag pictures with hidden messages. Users can point their phones at the tagged locations to reveal the messages. It’s a fun way to share hidden messages with others. Download WallaMe for iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these AR apps available for both iPhone and Android?
A: Some of the apps are available for both iOS and Android, while others are exclusive to iOS.

Q: Can I play AR games without a target image?
A: Some AR games require a target image to be placed on the surface where you want to play.

Q: Are these AR apps free to download?
A: Yes, all the apps mentioned in this article are free to download.

Q: Can I use these AR apps in any country?
A: Yes, as long as the apps are available in your country’s app store, you can use them.


Augmented Reality is an exciting technology that offers countless possibilities. With the rising popularity of Pokemon Go, more AR-based applications and games are expected to emerge in the near future. Whether you’re looking for games, educational tools, or unique experiences, these free AR apps are definitely worth trying. Share your thoughts on these apps and let us know if you have any other exciting AR app recommendations in the comments below.