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12 Great Windows 10 Themes

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a wide range of new themes, in addition to the existing ones in the store. These themes are available for free on the official Microsoft website, offering users the opportunity to personalize their Windows 10 experience. From animals to natural wonders, art, and games, there are themes available for every taste and preference. Each theme comes with a collection of high-resolution wallpapers and a unique design, making it easy to give your desktop a fresh and eye-catching look.

Best Windows 10 Themes

In this article, we have curated a list of the best Windows 10 themes based on their window color and stunning wallpapers. Whether you’re a nature lover, a fan of video games, or simply looking for something unique, we’ve got you covered. Simply choose the theme that appeals to you the most and download it for free.

1. Aurora Borealis

Best Windows 10 themes (2)

The Aurora Borealis theme offers a mesmerizing collection of wallpapers featuring the beautiful natural phenomenon over different areas of Iceland and Norway. With a total of 8 wallpapers, showcasing the Aurora over ice, sea, and mountains, this theme creates a captivating view. The window color, resembling the green hues of the Aurora, adds a touch of harmony to the overall experience. The wallpapers automatically rotate every 5 minutes, or you can manually switch them from the context menu.

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2. Twilight and Starlight Panoramic Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (11)

The Twilight and Starlight panoramic theme is a combination of various themes bundled into one. While it is specifically designed for dual monitors, it can still be enjoyed on a single monitor. The wallpapers feature stunning images of galaxies, meadows, windmills, stars, and railroad bridges. Each wallpaper has its own window color, seamlessly adapting to the resolution of your monitors in a dual setup.

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3. Beautiful Birds Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (4)

If you’re an avid bird enthusiast, the Beautiful Birds theme is perfect for you. This theme showcases wallpapers of unique birds from around the world, captured in charming postures. From flamingos to kingfishers, swans to peacocks, and hummingbirds, you’ll find a diverse range of bird wallpapers to adorn your desktop. The light blue window color adds a mesmerizing touch to the overall experience.

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4. GTGraphics Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (8)

The GTGraphics theme is a stunning blend of galaxy and futuristic technology. This theme features breathtaking designs by talented artists, showcasing images such as sunrises in the galaxy, planets being destroyed by a giant laser, galactic cities, mountains, and meteor showers on Earth. With 16 wallpapers of astounding quality, this theme is a must-have for those who appreciate captivating artwork. The orange window color complements the fiery wallpapers perfectly.

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5. Marbles Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (9)

The Marbles theme is a true work of art, featuring clever imagery of colorful marbles. The artist skillfully utilizes light, shadows, and colorful marbles to create simple yet captivating visuals. The wallpapers showcase groups of marbles under light or in close-up shots, creating an eye-opening look. With 11 mesmerizing wallpapers, this theme adds a touch of elegance to your desktop. The standard blue window color complements the marble-themed wallpapers effortlessly.

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6. Forza Motorsport 4 Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (6)

For the automotive enthusiasts and fans of the popular game Forza Motorsport 4, the Forza Motorsport 4 theme is a must-try. This theme showcases wallpapers featuring amazing cars with different backgrounds or inside views. From Koenigsegg Agera to Mercedes, Jaguar to McLaren, BMW to Ferrari, this theme brings the thrill of high-performance vehicles to your desktop. The gray window color perfectly complements the wallpapers, creating a cohesive visual experience.

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7. Child of Light Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (12)

Inspired by the popular game “Child of Light” by Ubisoft, the Child of Light theme offers a unique and captivating experience. The wallpapers in this theme are based on watercolors, providing a dreamy aesthetic. With haunting forests, cities, villages, houses, bridges, and indoor scenes, these 19 wallpapers take you on a journey through the world of Lemuria. The standard blue window color adds a touch of tranquility to the overall ambiance. Note that each wallpaper contains a Child of Light watermark in the top right corner.

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8. Morning Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (10)

The Morning theme captures the beauty of early mornings when the sun rises and casts its rays over nature. This theme combines the elements of nature and wildlife that are intimately connected to the early hours of the day. With 8 wallpapers featuring birds, insects, sun rays over riverbanks, plants, and meadows, this theme brings the serenity of mornings to your desktop. The parrot green window color perfectly complements the greenery and sun-themed wallpapers. Each wallpaper bears the watermark of photographer Popkov Alexandr.

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9. Frozen Formations Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (7)

The Frozen Formations theme showcases the breathtaking beauty of ice formations. With wallpapers featuring ice caves, deadly icicles, sun rays over ice, waterfalls, and stunning icebergs, this theme offers a visual spectacle. With a total of 12 icy wonders, this theme presents a combination of light and dark wallpapers, allowing you to choose the perfect backdrop for your desktop. The mist blue window color elegantly complements the bluish hues of the ice-themed wallpapers.

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10. Beautiful Queensland Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (5)

The Beautiful Queensland theme takes you on a virtual journey to the picturesque state of Australia. This theme features stunning imagery captured by photographer Tracie Louise from every corner of Queensland. From beaches and fields to rivers and waterfalls, the wallpapers in this theme showcase the natural beauty of Queensland. With 19 beautiful wallpapers, this theme offers a vibrant and colorful experience. The gray window color effortlessly complements the various colors featured in the wallpapers. Note that each wallpaper in this theme contains a watermark of Tracie Louise in the lower left corner.

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11. In Search of Incredible Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (1)

The In Search of Incredible theme is a classic Windows 10 theme that revolves around music. All the wallpapers in this theme are black and white, captured by the renowned photographer Don McCullin in his collaboration with ASUS and Intel. With images of musical instruments, a hanging microphone, an old record shop, and a spinning record, this theme offers a nostalgic and artistic ambiance. The gray window color perfectly complements the black and white color scheme. Each wallpaper includes an ASUS and Intel watermark.

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12. Beach Sunsets Theme

Best Windows 10 themes (3)

If you wish to bring the beauty of beach sunsets to your desktop, the Beach Sunsets theme is the perfect choice. This theme showcases wallpapers capturing the serene and captivating sunsets over various beaches in California and Hawaii. From Dillon Beach and Bodega Head to Kihei, LaHaina, and Sonoma Coast, each beach offers a unique and awe-inspiring view. All the pictures are taken by photographer Josh Sommers, with his signature displayed on each wallpaper. The light blue window color harmonizes with the water in the pictures, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

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These are just a few of the remarkable Windows 10 themes available on the official Microsoft website. While the themes mentioned in this article offer a wide variety of options, there are hundreds more to explore. To access a more extensive collection of Windows 10 themes, visit Microsoft’s official website. Personalize your Windows 10 experience with a theme that resonates with your style and adds a touch of uniqueness to your desktop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I download these themes for free?
A: Yes, all the themes mentioned in this article are available for free on the official Microsoft website.

Q: Can I use these themes on a single monitor setup?
A: While some themes are specifically designed for dual monitors, they can still be enjoyed on a single monitor. However, keep in mind that the results may vary.

Q: How often do the wallpapers change in a theme?
A: The wallpapers in a theme automatically rotate every 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can manually switch them from the context menu.

Q: Are these themes compatible with Windows 10 only?
A: Yes, these themes are designed specifically for Windows 10.

Q: Can I customize the window color in these themes?
A: Each theme comes with its own predefined window color, carefully chosen to enhance the overall experience. However, if you prefer a different window color, you can personalize it in the Windows settings.

Q: Are these themes suitable for all screen resolutions?
A: Yes, these themes are compatible with various screen resolutions. However, for the best visual experience, it is recommended to choose a theme that matches your screen resolution.

Q: Where can I find more Windows 10 themes?
A: To explore a broader range of Windows 10 themes, visit Microsoft’s official website’s themes section.

Q: Can I remove the watermark from the wallpapers?
A: The wallpapers provided in the themes may contain watermarks from the respective photographers or artists. Unfortunately, these watermarks cannot be removed.

Q: How do I apply a theme to my Windows 10 desktop?
A: To apply a theme, simply download it from the official Microsoft website and double-click the downloaded file. Windows 10 will automatically apply the theme, and you can customize it further in the Windows settings.


Personalizing your Windows 10 desktop with a theme adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your digital environment. Whether you’re a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or a fan of video games, the Windows 10 themes mentioned in this article offer a wide variety of options to cater to your interests. Feel free to explore these themes and find the perfect one that resonates with your style. Downloading and applying a theme is quick and easy, allowing you to transform your desktop into a visual masterpiece.

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