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Ditch Google Search for DuckDuckGo: A Privacy-Focused Alternative

In today’s digital age, Google Search has become synonymous with internet search. It dominates the market with its accurate results and user-friendly interface. However, if you value your privacy and seek additional search features, it might be time to consider an alternative. Enter DuckDuckGo, a rising star in the search engine realm that offers anonymity and a range of unique features. In this article, we will explore 15 reasons why DuckDuckGo is worth a try.

1. The search engine that doesn’t track you

DuckDuckGo’s slogan says it all: it doesn’t track your searches, offering complete anonymous search. Unlike Google, which personalizes search results by tracking your searches and activities, DuckDuckGo prioritizes your privacy. It doesn’t require a user account, track your IP address, or save cookies and search history. It even encrypts your searches with “HTTPS” to prevent Internet service providers from tracking you. However, you can enable search tracking from DuckDuckGo’s privacy options if you prefer personalized results.

Advanced Settings

2. !Bangs

One of DuckDuckGo’s most beloved features is !Bangs. With !Bangs, you can search directly on a desired website from the DuckDuckGo search field, saving you time and clicks. For example, typing “!Amazon Nike shoes” will search for “Nike shoes” directly on DuckDuckGo supports over 8,093 websites, including popular ones like Amazon, Wikipedia, and Reddit. It even has a !bang for Google Search, enabling you to search directly on an encrypted version of Google Search.

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Or you can type “!reddit Windows 10” to see Windows 10 content on Reddit.
!bang 2-result

3. Customize its Appearance

DuckDuckGo allows you to take full control over its appearance with built-in themes and customization options. Simply go to the Advanced settings, click on the “Theme” tab, and select from a variety of light and dark themes. If the provided themes don’t suit your taste, you can further customize the font type, color, size, background color, and more in the “Appearance” tab. Let your search engine reflect your personal style.


4. Better than Google Search, at least for Some People

DuckDuckGo uses a different search algorithm than Google, focusing on quality results rather than sheer relevance. It prioritizes official sources and websites directly connected to your query, rather than sites that aim to make money through various topics. This approach may not suit writers who rely on multiple relevant sources but can be beneficial for those seeking quick and accurate answers. It’s all about finding the right balance between relevance and quality.

5. Category Search

DuckDuckGo excels in categorizing search results. If your query can belong to different categories, DuckDuckGo will display the best results along with all the related categories and their definitions. This feature helps you precisely pinpoint the information you need without modifying your query.


6. Find App Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to a specific app? DuckDuckGo has you covered. Just type “Alternatives for (App name)” in the search bar, and it will display a list of alternative platforms and apps. This feature is powered by the popular website “AlternativeTo” and provides both alternatives and similarities to the searched app.

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7. Permanently Save Settings in the Cloud

DuckDuckGo offers the option to permanently save your search engine settings in the cloud using a passphrase. This feature is especially handy if you want to access your customized DuckDuckGo on multiple devices. By clicking on the “Save Settings” option in the “Cloud Save” section of the Advanced settings, you can assign a passphrase to identify and restore your preferences.


8. Use Region Search

While DuckDuckGo offers universal search results, you can narrow down the results to a specific region. By selecting the desired region in the “General” tab of the Advanced settings, you can access search results tailored to that specific area. It’s a helpful feature when you need localized information.


9. Generate Strong Passwords

DuckDuckGo includes a convenient password generator that lets you create strong, hard-to-crack passwords. By typing “Password (number of characters)” in the search bar, it will generate a random password of your specified length. You can also generate passphrases consisting of four unrelated words for easier memorization.


10. Use Stopwatch

Need a stopwatch? Look no further. DuckDuckGo has a built-in stopwatch within its search results. By simply typing “stopwatch” in the search bar, you can track time and laps. It’s a handy tool for various timed activities.


11. Find Rhyming Words

DuckDuckGo even helps you find rhyming words. By typing “rhymes with (your word)” in the search bar, it will display a list of words that rhyme with your provided word. This service also focuses on words with similar meanings, enhancing its functionality.


12. Create ASCII Art of Any Word

Love ASCII art? DuckDuckGo lets you create ASCII art of any word by typing “figlet (your word)” in the search bar. It will generate ASCII art at the start of the search results. You can copy and save the art or share it online.

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13. Surf without Ads

If you’re not a fan of ads, DuckDuckGo offers a simple option to disable them without relying on ad blockers. By turning off “Advertisement” in the General tab of the Advanced settings, you can enjoy an ad-free search experience. Alternatively, you can support DuckDuckGo by spreading the word.


14. Show all Results on a Single Page

DuckDuckGo streamlines your search experience by displaying 30 results per page, eliminating the need to click through multiple pages. Unlike Google Search, where users often only view the first page, DuckDuckGo ensures you see everything you need in one long list.


15. Use DuckDuckGo Extension

Even if you prefer to stick with Google Search, you can still benefit from DuckDuckGo’s features. Install the DuckDuckGo extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to search queries from the toolbar button. The extension also offers instant answers, opening search results in a new tab. Embrace the power of both Google Search and DuckDuckGo when needed.


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While it’s impossible to directly compare DuckDuckGo and Google Search, as they serve different purposes, DuckDuckGo offers a privacy-focused alternative worth considering. If you value your privacy and seek additional features, DuckDuckGo is a solid option. These 15 features only scratch the surface of what DuckDuckGo has to offer. Give it a try and let us know if you discover something truly intriguing.

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