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Tips to Enhance Your Netflix Experience

Using Netflix is straightforward: you visit the Netflix official site or open the app, search for what you want to watch, and hit play. But did you know you can get more out of Netflix if you know where to look? Here are some tips and tricks to improve your Netflix experience.

1. Rate Every Movie You Watch

Netflix recommends movies based on your viewing history, but you can help refine its recommendations by rating every movie you watch. By adding ratings to every movie, you can fine-tune your recommendations to match your taste even better.


2. Adjust Your Past Ratings

If your taste has changed or you want to tweak your recommendations, you can view and adjust the ratings you’ve given to movies and TV shows in the past. Go to “Your Account” and click on “Ratings” to access and update your past ratings.


3. Use Taste Preferences to Customize Recommendations

Netflix asks about your preferences when you join, including how often you watch certain types of movies and shows. You can update your taste preferences by clicking on “Taste Preferences” in the “Your Account” menu. Keeping your preferences updated ensures you receive the best recommendations.


4. Create Multiple User Profiles

If multiple people use Netflix in your household, consider creating separate user profiles. This way, Netflix can associate what you watch and rate with your individual profile, providing better recommendations tailored to your preferences.

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5. Find Specific Types of Movies and Shows

When browsing through recommendations, you’ll often come across specific categories like “Dramas based on real life” or “Comic book and superhero movies.” You can search for movies based on these genres by entering a specific URL followed by a code. Visit this spreadsheet for a comprehensive list of codes.


6. Get More Information with NEnhancer

NEnhancer is a Chrome extension that enhances your Netflix experience. It displays the IMDB rating, Rotten Tomatoes scores, and allows you to watch trailers before deciding what to watch. NEnhancer is a useful tool that provides information Netflix should have incorporated.


7. Visit “Best of Netflix” Sites

If you’re unsure what to watch, several websites curate lists of the best movies available on Netflix. A Good Movie to Watch and Digital Trends update their lists monthly, providing you with a variety of recommendations. Additionally, FlickSurfer and Reddit’s Best of Netflix sub-reddit offer recommendations from other viewers.


8. Check Out What’s New

Netflix frequently adds new movies and shows to its library. To stay updated, check out the “What’s New on Netflix” section or visit What’s on Netflix. Don’t miss out on great content just because you’re unaware it’s available.


9. Watch Other Countries’ Netflix with Hola

If you want to watch content available only on another country’s Netflix, use Hola Unblocker. It’s a free extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge that acts as a VPN, enabling you to access Netflix from any country. This is especially useful if your country has a limited Netflix catalog or if Netflix isn’t available in your country yet.


10. Watch Movies with Friends, No Matter Where They Are

Rabbit is a tool that allows you to watch movies with friends or loved ones who aren’t physically present. It’s free, easy to use, and doesn’t require any downloads. With Rabbit, you can enjoy a shared viewing experience with anyone, anywhere.

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11. Manually Adjust Bitrates with the Hidden Menu

You can manually adjust the bitrate of a movie during playback by pressing Control + Alt + Shift + S. This hidden menu allows you to select the acceptable bitrates, providing control over the video quality to suit your internet connection.


12. Get the Latest Features and Experiments

Netflix often tests new features and experiments with a select group of users. If you want to be part of these tests, you can sign up for test participation in your account settings. By joining, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the latest features before they are officially released.


13. Add Items to Your List

Make use of the Netflix list feature to keep track of movies and shows you want to watch later. When hovering over a movie or show, click the “+” icon in the bottom-right corner to add it to your list. To access your list, click on “My List” in the Browse menu.


14. Set High Quality as Default

By default, Netflix adjusts video quality based on your internet connection speed. However, you can force high-quality playback by going to your account settings, selecting “Playback Settings,” and choosing the “High” option. Be aware that this requires a fast internet connection and uses more data. Alternatively, select the “Low” option if you have a slower internet connection.


15. Clear Your Netflix Viewing History

If you want to maintain privacy or hide your viewing habits, you can clear your Netflix viewing history. Simply sign into your account, go to “Viewing Activity,” and remove titles you don’t want to appear in your history by clicking the “X” next to each title.

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16. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

When watching Netflix on your computer, you can use keyboard shortcuts for convenient control. Here are some useful commands:

  • Space / Enter: pause or play
  • PgUp: play
  • PgDn: pause
  • F: fullscreen
  • Esc: exit fullscreen
  • Shift + left / right arrow: rewind / fast forward
  • Up arrow: volume up
  • Down arrow: volume down
  • M: mute or unmute

17. Customize Subtitles

From the account settings menu, you can customize subtitles based on your preferences. Click on “Subtitle Appearance” to adjust the font, font size, and add a drop shadow to maximize legibility. The changes you make will apply across all supported devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use these tips on any device?
A: Yes, most of these tips apply to all devices that have access to Netflix. However, some features may be limited to specific platforms.

Q: Are these tips applicable to all regions?
A: Yes, these tips are applicable to all regions where Netflix is available. However, availability of specific titles may vary based on region.

Q: How often are new movies and shows added to Netflix?
A: New movies and shows are regularly added to Netflix. Check the “What’s New” section or visit reliable websites for frequent updates on new arrivals.


By applying these tips, you can enhance your Netflix experience and make the most of your subscription. From improving recommendations to customizing settings, these tips will help you navigate Netflix with ease. Enjoy exploring the vast library of movies and shows that Netflix offers!

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