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22 Best Gnome Shell Extensions

Gnome Shell is one of the most popular desktop environments on Linux and other *nix operating systems. The latest version, Gnome 3.18, is even better with a host of new features and improvements on board. While it is not without its haters, it has been proven to be very usable and productive for most users.

But truth be told, the default configuration on Gnome 3 isn’t entirely satisfactory with many users pointing out its lack of customization options. Thankfully, there are many extensions which will extend the functionality of the Gnome Shell to a significant extent.

1. Dash to Dock

This extension transforms the Dash in Gnome 3’s activities overview into a highly configurable Dock which you can place anywhere on your desktop. This Dock allows you to launch or switch applications faster than ever.

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2. Pomodoro Timer

If you’re a staunch user of the Pomodoro technique, you will find this extension very useful. It helps you increase productivity by dividing your time into blocks and reminding you to take short breaks. You can read more about the Pomodoro Technique here.

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3. Clipboard Indicator

This extension simply integrates a clipboard manager with the Gnome Shell which caches clipboard history allowing you to select from and paste up to 50 entries.

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4. Refresh Wi-Fi connections


Gnome 3 does not have a way to search for new Wi-Fi connections by default, but you can easily add that functionality by installing this extension.

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5. Drop Down Terminal


Improve your terminal experience by installing this fantastic extension, which allows you to toggle a drop-down terminal with a keyboard shortcut. This one is a must-have!

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6. Open Weather

Open Weather brings a weather forecast from or straight to your Gnome desktop. You can customize its appearance in the settings such as where it appears on the panel, Temperature and Wind Speed units, default weather provider, etc.

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7. Cover flow Alt-tab


This one exists for purely aesthetic purposes. It changes the behavior of the alt-tab combination to iterate through windows in a coverflow manner.

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8. NetSpeed

NetSpeed does a very simple job. It shows you the current speed of your internet connection.

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9. Skype Integration

Use Skype? You’ll love this Gnome 3 extension, which allows you to use shell notifications for new messages, find contacts, and even change your online presence.

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10. Disable Workspace Switcher Popup

If you are often annoyed by the popup that displays on the screen when switching between workspaces, you can disable that too with this neat extension.

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11. User Themes

Want to customize your Gnome 3 experience by installing shell themes? You’ll need this extension before anything can work. You can get custom Gnome 3 themes at Gnome Look.

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12. Media Player Indicator

This extension gives you easy access to the controls of several media players such as Clementine, Rhythmbox, Audacious, and more.

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13. Todo.txt

This extension integrates todo.txt with the Gnome shell, allowing you to create or delete tasks and mark them as completed.

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14. Applications Menu


This extension adds a traditional category-based menu to Gnome 3. It is installed by default but you must use the Gnome Tweak tool to enable it.

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15. Activities Configurator

You can configure the appearance of the ‘activities button’ and the panel with this extension. Simply install it and open the settings using the Tweak tool to view all the available options.

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16. Places Status Indicator

This extension adds a menu for quickly navigating between mount points in the system.

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17. Project Hamster Extension


Project Hamster extension for Gnome 3 allows you to track the time spent on different activities the easy way. Great for productivity.

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18. EasyScreenCast

This fantastic extension allows you to record screencasts of your gnome desktop or even a selected window or area on your screen. It can also record audio as well.

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19. Caffeine

Caffeine prevents your computer from suspending (going into sleep mode) automatically.

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20. Auto Move Windows

This extension allows you to organize your desktop by moving windows to predefined workspaces automatically as soon as they are opened.

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21. Workspaces to Dock

Similar to Dash to Dock, Workspaces to Dock transforms the workspace thumbnails in the activities overview into a dock on your desktop.

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22. Dynamic Top Bar

This extension makes the top bar behave similarly to Wingpanel in Pantheon. It simply makes the top bar transparent unless a window is maximized, then it goes opaque again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install these extensions?

A: To install Gnome Shell extensions, you’ll need to use the Gnome Tweak tool. The tool allows you to easily manage and enable/disable extensions. Simply search for “Gnome Tweak” in your distribution’s software center, install it, and then use it to install and configure the extensions you want.

Q: Can I use these extensions on any Linux distribution?

A: Yes, most of these extensions should work on any Linux distribution that uses Gnome Shell as the default desktop environment. However, some extensions may have specific dependencies or requirements, so it’s always a good idea to check the extension’s documentation before installing.

Q: Are these extensions free?

A: Yes, all the extensions mentioned in this article are free and open-source. You can download and use them without any cost.

Q: Can I suggest my favorite Gnome Shell extension?

A: Absolutely! If we missed out on your favorite Gnome Shell extension, please let us know in the comments section below. We are always interested in discovering new and useful extensions.


Gnome Shell extensions allow you to customize and enhance your Gnome 3 desktop experience. With a wide range of extensions available, you can easily tailor Gnome Shell to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want to improve productivity, add new features, or simply change the appearance of your desktop, these extensions have got you covered.

So go ahead, give them a try, and let us know which Gnome Shell extensions are your favorites!