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25 Air Travel Tips and Tricks to Travel Like a Pro

Laying down on the beach, with the wind fiddling your hair while gazing upon the gorgeous view from your sunglasses is one of the amazing moments when you are on a holiday. However, there is a tiny hurdle between you and this amazing moment, “Traveling”. For some people traveling from one place to another is a fun adventure, but for some it’s a headache they just have to deal with. Well, traveling can get a little hectic, especially air travel but if you do things the right way, it can be really fun and pleasing.

Air travels involve lots of things to deal with, like booking the right flight, packing appropriate luggage, dealing with security and other checkups on the airport, and of course taking the right seat in the plane. A bad set up could mean you may have to stay in the air for 18 hours without proper sleep and with little to no entertainment. To help you keep your traveling experience sane, we are listing down 25 air travel tips to help you from booking the flight to reaching your destination:

Book Flights Smartly

Just booking whatever flight comes in your schedule will never help you save time or money. If you are a little flexible, you can save hundreds of dollars and hours of time. There are many websites and apps that can help you find a cheap flight at the right time, (Eireview)[] will show all the flights available with the best one highlighted.

Book Red-eye Flights

If you want to reach your destination in daylight and sleep through the night on the plane, then Red-eye flights are perfect. They are cheaper than regular flights and less crowded as well.

Pack Smartly

When you are flying, there is a strict limit on the amount of luggage you can carry, and you also need to be smart about packing the right way. An amazing packing list organizer app called PackPoint makes sure you pack the right items according to the need of your trip.


Roll Clothes

While you are using PackPoint to manage items, make sure you roll your clothes instead of folding them. It is much faster to roll than fold and rolled clothes also take less space.

Roll Your Clothes

Make it Easy to Identify Your Luggage

It can be really hectic to find your luggage, as it is randomly loaded on the plane. You can tie ribbons (not too long) on your bags, or even put some stickers to make them appear different from others. I personally like writing my complete home address and phone number on a sticker paper and pasting it on all the bags, in case anything goes wrong. When the bags are in the final state, take out your smartphone and take 1-2 pictures of them, to make them even easier to identify.

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Take an All-in-one Charger

If you have multiple digital devices, then it is better to take an All-in-one charger instead of separately packing chargers of each device. It might be a little heavier than a regular charger, but it will save you a lot of space and make it easier to manage all the devices.

Keep a Battery Pack with you

While your phone might have great battery life (it’s usually not the case), it is important to have a battery pack with you while traveling. You never know when your device may die on you and you may not have access to a charging dock. You can find a good battery pack for as low as $10 on Amazon.

Yoobao Power Bank

Get a Portable Weight Checker

It is a pain to deal with overweight luggage, as it can be very expensive and getting rid of things at the airport can be very difficult or even impossible. If you travel a lot, then it is wise to get a portable weight checker to weigh your luggage anywhere.

Portable Weight Checker

Track Destination Weather

You should know the current weather and weather forecast for your destination location. You never know when you may need an umbrella or resistant shoes. You can use AccuWeather app for Android and iOS to see the weather forecast of almost any area or use any of the awesome weather apps.

Use Trakdot

Trakdot is a tiny device that you can attach to your luggage and then, easily track your luggage with your phone. The device brings you specific location information of your luggage, so that you always know where exactly your bag is.


Track Your Flight and Reach the Airport Early

FlightAware is a handy website to keep track of your flight and manage your schedule easily. You should reach the airport at least 1 hour (preferably 2 hours) early to make sure you handle everything without running around at the airport. There are many checkups you need to go through before entering the flight and a single mistake could mean wasting half an hour (especially with security checkups).


FLIO is an Android and iOS app that has data on over 850 airports and uses that data to guide you. It can find places like washrooms, charging docks, amusements, and other routes. Also, it can help you save money on shopping, food, and even find free WiFi.

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Choose the right Seat

Seat Guru is a handy website to get insights on seats of almost all the planes of popular airlines. The website shows you the maps of the seats so that you can get your preferred seat and manage your seat according to it.


Choose the Seat Near the Wings

Try to choose a seat near the wings of the plane, as that is an area closer to the center of the plane’s gravity. This means that even if there’s turbulence, you or anyone else sitting at the seat near the wings will feel less turbulence. This should come in handy if you are not well and want to travel in peace.

Get Noise Blocking Headphones

An airplane can be really noisy with so many people cluttered together and other general noise (like the engine). A noise cancellation earphone or headphones will help keep these annoying sounds out and help you relax.

Save Content To Read Later

A long plane journey can be quite boring, however, if you are someone who loves reading, you can add content on your device to pass some time. A good way to do this is using an app like Pocket, which lets you save articles for later. With the app, you can create an archive to read it offline when you are on the plane.

Switch to eBooks

If you are thinking of reading a book to kill time on the flight, then eBooks are a better choice than a hard copy book. It is lighter and with an eBook reader, you can easily carry all of your favorite books with ease.

Kindle Oasis

Candy is Your Friend

Kids can create quite a problem on a flight, like kicking your seat or crying. A candy should be able to pacify or bribe a child.

Listen to White Noise

If you are someone who has a hard time sleeping on a flight, you can use an app like White Noise Free to listen to white noise. White noise consists of random audio signals that can help a person sleep better.

Say No to Coffee

Caffeine is good when you need to work hard and stay awake, but doesn’t do you any good when it comes to relaxing. It will keep you awake and also dehydrate you, so be sure to avoid coffee on a flight journey.

Don’t Overeat

The food might be free on the plane, but that does not mean you should overeat. Many researches prove that it is hard to digest food while in flight, which might result in things getting uncomfortable.

Know What You Are Eating

Specific types of food can also affect your flight experience, like you should avoid gassy food, as they will make things very uncomfortable for you (and the person next to you). On the other hand, carb-rich food may help reduce jet lag. You should use the Nutrition Facts app to know what you are eating and make the right decision.

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Nutrition Facts

Take a Selfie

Yes, you may take a selfie to showcase your travel journey on social media but you can use a selfie for some good use too. You can take a selfie of yourself and use it as your phone’s wallpaper. In case, your phone gets lost and is then found by the officials, all you have to do, is go there and pick up your phone with your picture in front, so there’s no need to prove anything.

Completely Destroy the Flight Tickets

When you arrive at your destination, don’t throw away your ticket. There is a barcode on it, containing basic information about you, and anyone with a smartphone can scan that code to extract the information. Thus, it’s important to make sure you properly rip the tickets, especially the barcode print.

Get rid of Jet Lag

Chances are, you will be suffering from jet lag after a long flight but instead of resting, try going for a quick walk or stop by at a gym. Workout helps you recover from jet lag faster than resting.

Make your journey comfortable with these Air travel tips

Above are some simple air travel tips to make your journey along with the inception of it, easier and more comfortable. Traveling isn’t that difficult if you know what to do and have access to the right tools. There are many travel apps available as well that will let you take complete control over your traveling experience. Well, that’s all from my side. What do you do to make your air travel easier? Let us know in the comments section below.

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With these air travel tips, you can make your journey more enjoyable and stress-free. From booking the right flight to packing smartly and managing your time at the airport, these tips will help you travel like a pro. So, next time you plan a trip, remember to follow these tips and have a great travel experience. Safe travels!