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50 Best Portable Apps

Digital privacy has become a major concern in this modern era. Browsing on public networks can be dangerous, with identity theft becoming increasingly common. But there’s a solution – Portable Apps. These applications allow you to use software without leaving a trail behind. This article will introduce you to the 50 best portable apps for 2016.

What are Portable Apps?

Portable Apps are open-source platforms developed to support software that can run without installation on a native device. They were created to cater to the modern digital life-on-the-go. Portable Apps can be run on portable storage devices like memory cards, external hard drives, USB drives, and even on cloud networks like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also save storage space on your local device by delegating some apps to portable software. These apps mimic the exact operation of software installed on your device.

Created initially for portable Firefox, Portable Apps now supports a wide range of mainstream software, both freeware and commercial.

Internet Utilities

Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome PE

Google Chrome needs no introduction, but its portable version is just as capable and powerful. With Google Chrome Portable, you can take your entire Chrome browsing experience with you. It allows you to use Chrome’s versatile add-ons and syncing abilities on any computer without leaving a trace. Download Now

Mozilla Firefox Portable


Mozilla Firefox was the first portable application created, and it remains one of the most reliable internet browsers. With Firefox Portable, you can carry your installed extensions, bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history with you. It’s a lightweight portable browser ideal for Firefox users on-the-go. Download Now

Mozilla Thunderbird Portable


Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email client that also has a portable edition. With Thunderbird Portable, you can carry your email networks, address book, and account settings with you. It offers secure sign-in using encryption technologies, providing a safe and portable email client. Download Now

uTorrent Portable


uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients, and uTorrent Portable allows you to take your torrent files with you. With features like bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, and auto-downloading, uTorrent Portable is a great application for downloading on the go. Download Now

FileZilla Portable


For developers using an FTP client for managing files on their servers, FileZilla Portable is a great application. It features resume on downloads/uploads, firewall support, and time-out detection. Now you can manage your files on the go with FileZilla Portable. Download Now

WinSCP Portable


WinSCP is an open-source freeware that lets you transfer files between a local and a remote computer. With support for multiple languages, graphical user interface, and integrated text editor, WinSCP Portable brings this powerful tool to your portable device. It even integrates smoothly with PuTTY. Download Now

KiTTY Portable


KiTTY Portable is a lightweight application of the PuTTY Telnet and SSH client for Windows. It allows you to establish a secure connection to your servers. With features like sessions filter and command shortcuts, KiTTY Portable is a powerful tool for remote server access. Download Now

Free Download Manager Portable


Downloading large files over the web can be challenging, but Free Download Manager Portable makes it easier. With support for torrenting, download optimization, and flash video downloading, this tool allows you to manage and optimize your downloads on the go. Download Now

PuTTY Portable


PuTTY is a popular Telnet and SSH client for secure remote server connections. PuTTY Portable provides a lightweight solution for connecting securely to your servers. It even includes an xterm terminal emulator. Connect to your servers on the go without leaving behind a trail of personal information. Download Now

qBitTorrent Portable


qBitTorrent is a portable and lightweight client for downloading from torrents. With a strikingly similar interface to other popular BitTorrent clients, qBitTorrent Portable offers an integrated search engine, support for all major BitTorrent extensions, and remote control of the client. Download Now

gPodder Portable


gPodder is a podcast management application that lets you download and manage all your podcast subscriptions. With support for MP3 players, mobile devices, and platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, gPodder Portable allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions on the go. Download Now

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Iron Portable


Iron Portable is a browser built on the open-source code of Chromium, offering better privacy and security options compared to Google Chrome. It eliminates features that privacy advocates find concerning, providing a safer browsing experience. Download Now

Portable Apps for Developers

Notepad++ Portable


Notepad++ is a popular text editing tool among developers. With features like syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and support for multiple languages, Notepad++ Portable is a must-have portable text editor for developers. Download Now

Geany Portable


Geany Portable is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows you to work on simple text, HTML, Perl, Python, and more. With its path-based compiler, Geany fetches the suitable compiler for the programming language in use, making it a powerful tool for developers on the go. Download Now

Notepad2-mod Portable


Notepad2-mod is a lightweight text editing tool for developers. With support for many programming languages and features like code folding and support for Unicode, Notepad2-mod is a must-have portable text editor for developers. Download Now

AkelPad Portable


AkelPad is a minimalistic and fast text editor for developers. With features like multi-level undo, fast search and replace, and previewing file open, AkelPad Portable is a small and fast text editor tool for your development needs. Download Now

Portable Office Utilities Portable


Apache Open Office is a popular open-source alternative to Microsoft Office. With a complete office suite including a word processor, presentations, spreadsheet, and database, OpenOffice Portable is a great solution for all your office needs. Download Now

Money Manager Ex Portable


Money Manager Ex is a finance manager application that allows you to manage your inflow and outflow of money. With features like encryption support, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting, Money Manager Ex Portable is a powerful tool for managing your finances on the go. Download Now

FocusWriter Portable


FocusWriter is a distraction-free text editor, making it ideal for office use. With features like auto-saving, live statistics, and a hide-away interface, FocusWriter Portable allows you to concentrate better on your writing. Download Now

PDFTK Builder Portable


PDFTK Builder Portable is a powerful application for merging, splitting, and watermarking PDF files. With features like rotating and password protection, PDFTK Builder Portable allows you to manage and edit your PDF documents on the go. Download Now

Sumatra PDF Portable


Sumatra PDF is a lightweight PDF reader for your portable device. With support for E-books, PDF files, DjVu, and comic books, Sumatra PDF Portable is the perfect tool for reading on the go. Download Now

Sigil Portable


Sigil Portable is a powerful e-book editor that lets you edit E-books just like in a word processor. With features like spell checking, embedded HTML, and table of contents generator, Sigil Portable is a must-have portable application for handling E-book formatting. Download Now

Portable Apps for Security

ClamWin Portable


ClamWin Portable is a free antivirus software that protects your system from viruses, spyware, and trojans. With a regularly updated virus database, ClamWin Portable provides higher detection rates for malware. Although it lacks a real-time scanner, it’s still a reliable antivirus solution for your portable device. Download Now

KeePass Portable


KeePass is an open-source tool for securely storing all your passwords in one place. KeePass Portable allows you to carry your passwords and passkeys on your portable device. With high-level encryption, KeePass ensures that your password database is secure. Download Now

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable


Kaspersky TDSSKiller protects systems from malware in the Rootkit.Win32.TDSS family. With Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable, you can fight malware and rootkits on the go. Although it’s not a full antivirus utility, it provides excellent protection against specific threats. Download Now

Eraser Portable


Eraser Portable is a secure data wiping and file deletion tool. It overwrites your chosen file several times to ensure that the data is wiped off permanently. With Eraser Portable, you can securely erase unwanted data from your portable device. Download Now

Portable Utilities

CrystalDiskInfo Portable


CrystalDiskInfo is a free system health monitoring tool that scans your HDD and SSD for optimal performance. It monitors health status, temperature, and provides graphical representations of hard drive usage. With CrystalDiskInfo Portable, you can monitor and analyze the health of your system wherever you go. Download Now

Process Monitor Portable


Process Monitor Portable is a real-time file, registry, and process monitoring tool. It provides you with real-time activity threads and non-destructive filtering. With features like event properties and user name tracking, Process Monitor Portable is a great tool for system troubleshooting and malware hunting. Download Now

Process Explorer Portable


Process Explorer Portable is a free task manager and process analyzer. It allows you to delve deep into system processes and the DLL files associated with them. With Process Explorer Portable, you can get detailed insights into the way Windows applications work. Download Now

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7-Zip Portable


7-Zip is a popular archiver capable of handling compressed files in various formats. With support for RAR, 7Z, ZIP, GZIP, and BZIP2 files, 7-Zip offers better compression rates, multilingual support, and its own file management tool. With 7-Zip Portable, you can handle compressed files on the go. Download Now

Autoruns Portable


Autoruns Portable is a configuration utility for handling auto-starting programs, browser helper objects, and toolbar objects at startup. It includes information about programs from various sources and provides extensive control over auto-start programs. With Autoruns Portable, you can go beyond the limitations of MSConfig. Download Now

Rufus Portable


Rufus Portable allows you to create bootable USB drives using ISO images. Whether you need to create a bootable USB from an ISO file or flash a BIOS or firmware, Rufus Portable is the best choice. With its speed and ease of use, Rufus Portable is the perfect tool for creating bootable USB drives. Download Now

CrystalDiskMark Portable

CrystalDiskMark is a utility for monitoring the performance of local and portable drives. It allows you to monitor the read/write speeds of all storage devices and compare their operating speeds. CrystalDiskMark Portable provides a multilingual interface and is free to use. Monitor the performance of your drives wherever you go. Download Now

Process Hacker Portable


Process Hacker Portable is an advanced task management utility with features like advanced debugging, malware detection, and system monitoring. With detailed system graphs, highlighted task trees, and network connection support, Process Hacker Portable is a must-have tool for advanced system operations. Download Now

Java Portable


Java Portable, also known as jPortable, allows you to use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on the go. It enables you to run Java applications on portable apps like LibreOffice and Mozilla Firefox without the need for local installation. With jPortable, you can enjoy Java applications on your portable device. Download Now

grepWin Portable


grepWin Portable is a search and replace utility that supports regular expressions. It allows you to perform powerful searches and replace found regular expressions easily. With grepWin Portable, you can customize your searches and find what you’re looking for quickly. Download Now

WinDirStat Portable


WinDirStat is a disk usage checking utility that visualizes and analyzes disk usage statistics. With directory, tree map, and extension list views, WinDirStat offers multiple visualization methods for analyzing your disk usage. Keep track of your disk usage on the go with WinDirStat Portable. Download Now

CamStudio Portable

CamStudio is an on-screen activity recorder for creating screencasts. With CamStudio Portable, you can create how-to and demonstration videos without installing any applications on your local drive. Record your screen on the go and share your knowledge. Download Now

BleachBit Portable


BleachBit Portable is a disk cleanup utility that helps you free up disk space. With features like clearing cache, deleting cookies, and clearing Internet history, BleachBit Portable goes beyond simple file deletion. Shred files and wipe free disk space to ensure your privacy. Download Now

Portable Apps for Music & Video

VLC Media Player Portable


VLC media player is a popular media player that supports a wide range of audio and video formats. With VLC Portable, you can play all your favorite audio and video files on the go. It even supports streaming over IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Download Now

CDEx Portable


CDEx Portable is an audio extraction tool that lets you extract audio files from CDs. With support for multiple audio file formats and features like jitter correction and track progress, CDEx Portable is a must-have tool for extracting audio files on the go. Download Now

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema Portable


Media Player Classic – Home Cinema Portable is a lightweight media player that supports various audio and video formats. With built-in audio and video codecs, it’s capable of playing all kinds of media without installing third-party codecs. Download Now

TAudioConverter Portable


TAudioConverter Portable allows you to convert audio files to different formats. With support for multiple audio encoders and features like multi-threaded operations, TAudioConverter Portable makes audio conversion easy. It even allows you to extract audio from video files. Download Now

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Audacity Portable


Audacity is a popular audio editing and recording software. With features like live audio recording, sound file editing, and modifying speed and pitch, Audacity Portable brings all the power of audio mixing and editing to your portable device. Download Now

TEncoder Portable


TEncoder Video Converter is a free video converting tool that also allows downloading videos. With support for multiple formats, subtitles, and media ripping, TEncoder Portable is a versatile tool for video conversion and downloading. Download Now

Portable Apps for Graphics & Pictures

GIMP Portable


GIMP is a powerful graphics and image editing tool. With features like photo enhancement, creating image animations, and rendering, GIMP Portable is a must-have tool for graphic and image editing. It even supports a wide range of free plugins. Download Now

Portable Apps for Gaming

Lucas Chess Portable


Lucas Chess is a chess game that allows you to play against the computer at different difficulty levels. With limited hints, training positions, and tactical combinations, Lucas Chess Portable offers an enjoyable chess experience on your portable device. Download Now

Atomic Tanks Portable


Atomic Tanks is a strategy war game that lets you annihilate your opponent’s tanks using your own arsenal. With a wide array of weapons, destructible landscapes, and changeable environments, Atomic Tanks Portable is an addictive and fun game for your portable device. Download Now

2048 Portable


2048 is a popular puzzle game that challenges you to reach the number 2048 by sliding numbered tiles. It’s a simple yet addictive game that can be enjoyed on your portable device. 2048 Portable also includes Flappy 2048 and Tetris 2048 for even more gaming fun. Download Now

DOSBox Portable


DOSBox Portable is an Intel x86 PC emulator that allows you to play classic DOS-based games and applications. With support for various graphics formats and sound cards, DOSBox Portable brings back the nostalgia of vintage gaming on your portable device. Download Now

This concludes our list of the 50 best portable apps for 2016. Portable apps offer the convenience of using your favorite software on the go without leaving a trace. Whether you need internet utilities, office tools, security applications, or entertainment options, these portable apps have got you covered. Start exploring the world of portable apps and enhance your digital life-on-the-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are portable apps?

A: Portable apps are software applications that can run without installation on a native device. They are designed to be used on portable storage devices like memory cards, external hard drives, or USB drives, allowing users to carry their favorite apps with them and use them on any computer without leaving a trace.

Q: How can I download portable apps?

A: To download portable apps, simply click on the “Download Now” links provided in this article. Make sure to choose the version compatible with your operating system and follow the instructions to install the app on your portable device.

Q: Can I use portable apps on any computer?

A: Yes, portable apps are designed to be used on any computer. Simply plug in your portable device and run the app from there. Portable apps do not require installation on the host computer, so you can use them on multiple computers without leaving any traces behind.

Q: Are portable apps safe to use?

A: Portable apps are generally safe to use as they do not make any changes to the host computer’s system files or registry. However, it’s always important to download portable apps from trusted sources to ensure they have not been tampered with. It’s also a good practice to scan the downloaded files with antivirus software before running them.

Q: Can I customize portable apps?

A: Yes, you can customize portable apps to suit your needs. Most portable apps offer options to change settings, customize the user interface, and add plugins or extensions. However, it’s important to note that any changes made to a portable app will be stored on your portable device and not on the host computer.


Portable apps are a convenient and efficient way to use your favorite software on the go. With a wide range of options available, you can find portable apps for internet utilities, office tools, security applications, entertainment, and more. Download and try out the 50 best portable apps for 2016 to enhance your digital life-on-the-go.