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50 Useful Google Now Commands for a Smoother Life

Google Now, also known as ‘Ok Google’, has come a long way since its launch three years ago. This intelligent personal assistant is not only capable of searching the web but can also perform various functions on your smartphone, web browser, and Android wear. In this article, we have compiled a list of 50 useful and latest Google Now commands that will make your life easier.

Answering your questions – Ok Google Commands

  1. Ok Google, what is 20% of 80?
  2. Ok Google, what time is it in India?
  3. Ok Google, what is the height of Mount Everest?
  4. Ok Google, define ambidextrous.
  5. Ok Google, show me pictures of India Gate.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Google Now is here to assist you with search queries without having to type anything.

Scheduling Commands

  1. Set Alarm – Ok Google, set an alarm for 6 A.M.
  2. Set Reminder – Ok Google, remind me to visit my friend Kapil in the evening.
  3. Set Timer – Ok Google, set a timer for 1 Minute.
  4. Create an Event – Ok Google, set an event or Ok Google, dinner with Kapil, tomorrow, 9 PM.

Calculation and Conversion Commands


  1. Ok Google, convert USD to INR or convert 100 USD to INR.
  2. Ok Google, convert pounds to KG or convert 175 pounds to KG.

You can convert almost any data from one unit to another, such as Centigrade to Fahrenheit or Miles to Kilometers.


  1. Ok Google, what is 20% of 175?
  2. Ok Google, multiply 300 by 65. You can also perform complicated mathematical calculations by saying “Ok Google, square root of 656.”
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  1. Ok Google, rice vs wheat. This will compare the nutritional value of both items.

Weather Commands

  1. Ok Google, what is the temperature in New Delhi? You can also ask about the temperature in New York.
  2. Ok Google, do I need an umbrella today? This will check if there’s any expectation of rain in your city.
  3. Ok Google, what is the humidity in New Delhi?

Communication Commands

  1. Dial a phone number – Ok Google, call Kapil Jindal.
  2. Call your relatives – Ok Google, call Brother. Just ask Google to call your brother and he’ll remember the name you saved for him in your phone’s contacts.
  3. Send a text message – Ok Google, send a message to Kapil Jindal. You can dictate the message to Google and confirm to send it.
  4. Send an email – Ok Google, send an email. Google will ask for the recipient’s name, the content of the email, and even allows for punctuation to ensure proper grammar.
  5. Find emails – Ok Google, show me my emails from Kapil Jindal. This command fetches all email conversations between you and the specified person.
  6. Send a chat message via Hangouts – Ok Google, send a chat message. This will send a message to your Hangout contacts.
  7. Post a Tweet – Ok Google, post to Twitter Loved the last episode of Silicon Valley Season 2. You can also use the same command to post on your Google Plus account.

Control Your Device

  1. Turn on/off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, or Hotspot – Ok Google, turn on WiFi.
  2. Turn on/off Flashlight – Ok Google, turn on Flashlight.
  3. Open Camera – Ok Google, take a picture or take a selfie.
  4. Record Video – Ok Google, take a video.
  5. Launch any App – Ok Google, open Instagram or launch Facebook. You can open any app using this command.
  6. Open any website in the browser – Ok Google, open Just dictate the name of the website to open it.
  7. Play Music – Ok Google, play music. This will open the music player and start playing a random song.
  8. Adjust Volume – Ok Google, adjust volume or increase volume. This command will open volume settings for media, ringtone, alarm, etc.
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Navigation Commands

  1. Finding the nearest place – Ok Google, what is the nearest restaurant or post office?
  2. Distance between two places – Ok Google, distance between New Delhi and Jaipur.
  3. Navigation direction from Home to Office – Ok Google, navigate from Home to Office. Make sure you have set ‘home’ and ‘workplace’ in the Google Cards->Customize->Places.
  4. Get Directions to home from anywhere – Ok Google, how do I get home? This command will give you directions to your home from your current location.
  5. Get flight status – Ok Google, what’s the status of Delta flight 426?
  6. Get details about movies playing in nearby theaters – Ok Google, Jurassic World. This will fetch the nearest theaters/multiplexes where the movie is playing along with show timings.
  7. Find attractions near you – Ok Google, what are attractions in New Delhi? This command will fetch beautiful tourist destinations to visit in a particular city.

Entertainment Commands

  1. Capture new music – Ok Google, Shazam this song. This will open the Shazam app and find the exact song matching the lyrics.
  2. Catch up on your favorite radio – Ok Google, listen to NPR. This command will open the NPR app and allow you to listen to the newscast without manually opening the app.
  3. Know movies’ release date – Ok Google, Everest release date.
  4. Know more about your favorite celebrities – Ok Google, Adam Levine age or Amitabh Bachchan movies, etc.

Google Now Easter Eggs

  1. Tilt the screen slightly towards the right – Ok Google, tilt.
  2. Do a barrel roll – Ok Google, do a barrel roll. This will rotate the page 360 degrees, adding a touch of fun to your browsing experience.
  3. Make me a sandwich – Ok Google, make me a sandwich.
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Miscellaneous Commands

  1. Translate from one language to another – Ok Google, how to say Good night in Chinese or how to say I love you in French. These commands will return the translated version of the sentences.
  2. Search for documents on Google Drive – Ok Google, search for document_name on Drive. This will run a search query within your Google Drive and provide the required results.
  3. Start your Lincoln car with Google Now – Ok Google, start my Lincoln MKZ. This command magically starts the car’s engine without physical interaction. Ensure the MyLincoln Mobile app is installed on your phone.
  4. Control Nest Device with Google Now – Ok Google, set the temperature to 33 degrees.
  5. Your orders on Instacart – Ok Google, show me my order on Instacart. This command provides information on the delivery status of your food. Make sure you have the Instacart app installed on your phone.

New (Upcoming)

Now on Tap – This feature, unveiled by Google in the recent I/O 2015 keynote, allows you to access Google Now’s voice search capability without leaving the app you’re currently using. It takes the personal assistance capability of Google Now to a whole new level. To access this feature, simply long press the home button. For example, if you receive an email about dining at a nearby restaurant, tap and hold the home button, and Google Now will fetch you ratings and other necessary information about the restaurant.

I hope you find these Google Now commands helpful. If you think we missed any good commands, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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