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6 Ways to Share Your Location With Friends and Family

Still struggling to keep everyone in your family informed about your whereabouts? Tired of making endless calls to check on your loved ones? Well, it’s time to embrace technology and simplify the way you share your location with friends and family. With these innovative apps, you can effortlessly keep everyone in the loop. So, put away your phone and read on to discover the best ways to share your location on iPhone or Android devices.

1. Glympse

Say goodbye to the hassle of constant check-ins by using Glympse. This app is perfect for when you’re planning a day out or heading to a new place and want someone to keep tabs on you. Simply share your location information, including your destination, and choose how long you want it to be broadcasted. Once the timer runs out, your location will automatically stop broadcasting. Plus, you can easily share real-time locations, estimated arrival times, and travel speed. Glympse allows you to share your location with specific people or post it on social apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Availability: Android, iPhone, and Windows

2. GeoZilla

GeoZilla offers a comprehensive safety solution for your friends and family. Create different circles for friends, family, colleagues, and more, and keep tabs on everyone with ease. This app allows you to make check-ins, locate your loved ones on the map, and have private conversations. The unique Geo Fencing feature notifies you every time someone enters or leaves a specific location. Additionally, you can access the location history of any member in your circle. GeoZilla is perfect for close-knit families who value constant communication.

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Availability: Android and iPhone

3. Google+

As a widely-used social network, Google+ also serves as a reliable location sharing service. By turning on location sharing, you can easily spot your friends and family on the map. Invite others to turn on their location sharing, and you’ll never lose track of each other again. With most of your contacts already on Google+, this app provides a convenient way to stay connected.

Availability: Android and iPhone


4. GPS Location Tracker

True to its name, GPS Location Tracker is a straightforward app dedicated to tracking your location. After adding connections, simply turn on location sharing, and everyone in your network will be able to locate you on the map. Share your code via messaging apps or enter a friend’s code to connect effortlessly.

Availability: Android

5. Life360 Family Locator

Life360 takes family safety to the next level by allowing real-time location tracking. Each member of your family circle can easily spot others on the map. You can designate common spots like home or work, and receive notifications when someone enters or leaves these areas. This app even shows whether a member has turned off their GPS and provides detailed location history. Create different circles for friends, siblings, and more, to keep everyone in the loop.

Availability: Android, iPhone, and Windows

360 Family Locator

6. Sygic Family Locator

Similar to Life360, Sygic Family Locator allows groups to track each other’s locations. Members with active GPS can be easily spotted on the map. However, this app offers two unique features. Firstly, you can create both safe and danger zones. If a member enters or leaves a danger zone, you’ll receive instant notifications. This feature is particularly useful for keeping tabs on kids. Secondly, the admin of a group can choose to track locations invisibly without the family members knowing. Alternatively, permission can be requested before tracking someone’s location.

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Availability: Android and iPhone

It’s Great to be Informed

Thanks to these incredible apps, you’ll no longer need to make unnecessary calls when planning a day out or ensuring the security of your family. With features like real-time location sharing, chat functionalities, and emergency alerts, staying connected is easier than ever. Just remember, these apps rely on GPS, so make sure it’s enabled for optimal functionality.

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With these apps, making plans with friends and keeping your family safe has never been simpler. Embrace the power of technology and start sharing your location effortlessly.