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9 Reasons Why Windows 10 Mobile Excels Over Android

Ever since its inception in 2007, Android has grown to become the dominant mobile operating system. However, let’s not forget that there are alternatives out there. Windows 10 Mobile, released in 2010, has always stood out as a refreshingly different and exciting mobile operating system. With its latest iteration, Windows 10 Mobile offers a host of features that surpass Android in several ways. In this article, we will explore nine reasons why Windows 10 Mobile is a superior choice.

1. Live Tiles

The most distinctive feature of Windows 10 Mobile is its Live Tiles. These tiles can be resized and rearranged on the Start Screen, instantly setting it apart from Android. What makes Live Tiles truly unique is their ability to display constantly updating notifications from associated apps, coupled with captivating animations. While Android has widgets and badge icons for similar functionality, they simply don’t match the elegance of Windows 10 Mobile’s Live Tiles.

2. Universal Apps

Windows 10 Mobile’s Universal Apps are a game-changer. Based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), these apps can run not only on Windows 10 Mobile but also on other devices, such as tablets and gaming consoles, without the need for separate development. Android lacks this seamless integration across different platforms, as it primarily focuses on the mobile market.

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3. Continuum

With Continuum, Windows 10 Mobile enables users to transform their smartphones into a pocket computer. It allows supported devices to connect to an external display, along with a mouse and keyboard, providing a desktop-like experience. Universal Apps can be used on a larger screen with perfect scaling, while the mouse and keyboard enhance productivity. Although Continuum is supported only by a few high-end Windows 10 Mobile devices, it offers a unique and powerful feature not found in Android.

4. Deep Cortana Integration

Windows 10 Mobile’s personal digital assistant, Cortana, offers a seamless experience thanks to its deep integration with the operating system. Cortana can be used to perform various tasks, such as making calls, finding nearby restaurants, adding reminders, and more. While Cortana is available on Android and iOS as a separate app, its integration with Windows 10 Mobile makes it more engaging and fun to use. Additionally, certain Cortana commands even work offline, providing a distinct advantage over Google Now on Android.

5. Security

Windows 10 Mobile boasts enterprise-grade security features and resistance to malware, thanks to its closed-source nature. Android, being open-source, allows for customization but is also more susceptible to security issues like malware apps and security bugs. Windows 10 Mobile’s closed ecosystem ensures a higher level of security and peace of mind for its users.

6. Superior On-screen Keyboard

Windows 10 Mobile offers an exceptional on-screen touch keyboard. The “Word Flow” keyboard, which held the Guinness World Record for fastest typing at one point, includes features like voice dictation, one-handed mode for phablets, and a precision pointer for precise cursor placement. Microsoft’s recent acquisition of SwiftKey further enhances the keyboard’s capabilities, making it even more user-friendly.

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7. Extensive Manual Controls for Camera

Windows 10 Mobile’s default camera app comes with extensive manual controls, allowing users to adjust settings like ISO, focus, white balance, and shutter speed via virtual sliders. This level of control is not readily available on Android unless you resort to third-party camera apps.

8. Lesser OS Fragmentation

One of the biggest advantages of Windows 10 Mobile is its lesser fragmentation compared to Android. With Android running on a multitude of devices from various manufacturers, the latest version of Android is often slow to reach a significant number of devices. In contrast, Windows 10 Mobile devices receive 24-36 months of support for security updates and patches, ensuring a more consistent and secure user experience.

9. Cumulative Updates

Windows 10 Mobile follows a different approach to updates, releasing them cumulatively and with increased frequency. This ensures that users receive bug fixes, security patches, and new features in a timely manner. Microsoft’s control over software updates for Windows 10 Mobile further guarantees a more streamlined and efficient update process compared to the fragmented system of Android updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Windows 10 Mobile compatible with all devices?
A: Windows 10 Mobile is designed to work with a specific range of devices, primarily high-end models.

Q: What advantages does Android have over Windows 10 Mobile?
A: Android offers a wide variety of apps, a larger user base, and deeper integration with Google services.

Q: Can I switch from Android to Windows 10 Mobile easily?
A: Switching from Android to Windows 10 Mobile may require adapting to a new user interface and finding alternative apps, as the app ecosystem is more limited.

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While both Windows 10 Mobile and Android have their strengths, Windows 10 Mobile stands out with its unique features such as Live Tiles, Universal Apps, Continuum, deep Cortana integration, superior security, and more. If you’re looking for a refreshing and innovative mobile operating system, Windows 10 Mobile is worth considering. Visit Eireview to explore more articles and insights on technology trends.