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A Beginner’s Guide to Clash Royale Game

Clash Royale is an incredibly popular mobile game developed by the same team behind the highly acclaimed Clash of Clans. If you’re struggling with this thrilling dueling game, fret not! We’ve compiled the best tips to help you improve your gameplay and become a true duelist in this epic battle.


Keep The Balance

One common mistake beginners make is focusing solely on the strongest units in the game. However, overpowering your opponent with brute force alone won’t guarantee victory. It’s crucial to maintain a balance between stronger and weaker units in your arsenal. Remember, the game can take an unexpected turn if you stay calm and composed. Keep a mix of all card types in your deck to maintain a perfect balance on the battlefield.

Make A Perfect Deck

Having a solid strategy is not enough; you also need a well-thought-out deck. Players with the best decks can often secure victory even without employing the most optimal strategies. While expensive decks can be advantageous, it’s important to strike a balance. Include fast units and anti-air units based on your preferred gameplay style. If you’re an aggressive player, opt for faster units. If you prefer a defensive approach, select tank units capable of withstanding heavy damage. Consider a mix of both for a well-rounded strategy.

Devise A Plan and Stick to It


To increase your chances of winning, take the battle seriously and avoid sending a small number of troops into the field. Stick to the following tips:

  • Play your cards only when your Elixir meter is full.
  • Shield your ranged troops with powerful units that can absorb incoming attacks.
  • If you prefer a defensive approach, focus on destroying enemy towers to secure victory.
  • If it’s obvious that one of your towers will be destroyed, don’t defend it with all your might. Instead, concentrate your efforts on the enemy’s towers and turrets to turn the tide of the battle.
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Improve Your Troops

In Clash Royale, you can upgrade your troops using gold. Enhancing your favorite units is a straightforward approach. Additionally, focus on improving troops consistently used in your deck. Consider improving units not currently in your deck, as they may fit well in a wide range of strategies and tactics. Alternatively, if you enjoy investing in mobile games, consider spending real money on Clash Royale to obtain a variety of improved and powerful units effortlessly.

Tweak Your Decks

Create a deck, learn it inside out, and play with it continuously. Familiarize yourself with all the cards to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Learn about different matchups and adjust your deck accordingly. After playing multiple matches, make small changes and tweaks to improve your deck. Identify cards that provide minimal value during matches and replace them with more effective alternatives. Repeat this process until you achieve a perfect balance and a deck that excels against most opponents.

Keep an Eye on Chests

Chests in Clash Royale offer prizes, including cards and troop upgrades. However, there are time limits and waiting periods before you can open them. To maximize your rewards, keep track of the time and open chests promptly. If you want to bypass the wait time, you can use your jewels, the in-game currency.


Minimize The Randomness

The initial hand of cards is dealt randomly, and sometimes you may not receive an ideal hand. However, do not lose hope, as a bad hand does not guarantee your defeat. Remain composed and switch to a defensive gameplay style, holding off the enemy until you gain access to your stronger cards.

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Use The Elixir Wisely

Many new players exhaust their elixir too quickly by mindlessly deploying all their troops in one attack. This often leads to a crushing loss. Instead, build up your elixir, launch a well-planned attack, and unleash a combination of cards when you have sufficient elixir. This strategic approach yields better results than recklessly depleting all your resources at once.


The key to mastering Clash Royale is understanding each card’s cost, abilities, and how it fits into your deck. Familiarize yourself with different combinations and devise unique strategies to outsmart your opponents. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep playing and enhancing your Clash Royale skills. These tips will undoubtedly benefit new players. In times of defeat, maintain a light-hearted attitude and give it your best shot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are these tips effective for experienced players as well?

  • A: Yes, experienced players can also benefit from these tips, especially those who are looking to improve their skills or try new strategies.

  • Q: How can I obtain more jewels in Clash Royale?

  • A: Jewels can be acquired by completing in-game achievements, participating in special events, or purchasing them with real money.

  • Q: Can I play Clash Royale on multiple devices?

  • A: Yes, Clash Royale allows you to sync your progress across multiple devices using your game account.


Clash Royale is an exciting mobile game that requires both strategy and skill. With these tips, you can enhance your gameplay, gain an understanding of various tactics, and become a formidable opponent in battles. Remember to adapt your strategies, continuously improve your deck, and most importantly, enjoy the game!

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