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Switching from American Contractor Software to FOUNDATION

American Contractor software has been a trusted choice for construction businesses since its release in 1983. However, some users may be looking for more long-term support, hardware compatibility, product growth, and stability. One option that users have is to convert their data to FOUNDATION construction accounting software. In this article, we will explore what this transition entails.

Key Features for American Contractor Users

When switching to FOUNDATION, users can look forward to several highlights that former American Contractor users have loved about the switch. Foundation Software, the sole owner of FOUNDATION since Version 1.0, has been committed to providing stability and has refused acquisition offers. Users can expect:

  • Long-term support and hardware compatibility
  • Product growth and development
  • Stability

What’s the Learning Curve for American Contractor Users?

Moving from one software to another will always involve some differences. However, many aspects of FOUNDATION will make sense to American Contractor users. Both software are designed for similar-sized companies, so users will find many similarities. That said, there will be some differences that might feel less familiar or require a small adjustment. Some notable differences include:

  • Different naming conventions
  • Using “Tab” instead of “Enter” to key through fields
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How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

The time required to transition to FOUNDATION depends on various factors. The readiness of your office and accounting, as well as any necessary data cleanup, will play a significant role. Additionally, the amount of dedicated time your team can commit will impact the timeline. Generally, successful transitions require approximately 35-50 hours of training on the new construction accounting software.

To ensure long-term learning and success, these hours should be spaced out over three to six months. This investment of time allows you to become comfortable with the software and maximize its benefits for the next several years. As an independent company with over 35 years of experience, Foundation Software is confident in its ability to support your business throughout this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key features of FOUNDATION for American Contractor users?

  • Long-term support and hardware compatibility
  • Product growth and development
  • Stability

Q: How long does it take to transition to FOUNDATION?
The timeline for transitioning to FOUNDATION depends on factors such as office readiness, accounting preparation, and training hours. Generally, successful transitions require approximately 35-50 hours of training over three to six months.

Q: What are the differences between American Contractor and FOUNDATION?
While many aspects of FOUNDATION will feel familiar to American Contractor users, there will be some differences, such as naming conventions and the use of “Tab” instead of “Enter” for field navigation.


If you are considering transitioning from American Contractor software to FOUNDATION, now is the time to start a conversation. Begin by exploring a video tour of our job cost accounting, project management, and mobile software. Then, schedule a live demo to discuss your specific needs and determine the ideal path forward for your business.

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