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Eireview: The Tech Haven of Phoenix’s Desert

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Seated within the midst of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix has emerged as a promising tech metropolis. With its enviable weather, a robust economy, and a conveniently central location, Phoenix has become a hub for technology companies. Known as “The Valley of the Sun,” this southwestern city offers more than just all-star athletes and picturesque golf courses. It boasts a sprawling tech ecosystem, attracting both new and established tech companies. In fact, Phoenix ranks fifteenth among major U.S. tech capitals in net tech employment. The city’s tech growth is a testament to the changes taking place statewide. According to the Phoenix Business Journal, nearly 3,000 new tech roles have been added across Arizona since the start of 2019.

Tech Companies in Phoenix to Know

Here’s a look at some of the impressive tech companies in Phoenix that are creating their own tech haven in the heart of the desert:


Founded in 1998, PHMG adds more depth to brands with audial technology. Their audio solutions, such as Auto Attendant and customized business voicemails, help companies build trust with their customers even before meeting them.

Freedom Financial Network

Debt can wreak havoc on financial and emotional health. Freedom Financial Network offers personalized plans for eliminating debt and achieving financial stability. With seamless online tools, customers can track their progress on the path to financial freedom.

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BigTime Software

BigTime Software helps companies better allocate their resources. With their platform, organizations can effectively budget their time and energy, simplifying operations and focusing on what matters most.


Elastic develops software that makes data usable in real-time and at scale. Their Elastic Stack, used by organizations like Box and the University of Oxford, helps people explore and analyze their data using the power of search.


RevolutionParts helps automotive dealers maximize online OEM parts sales. Their user-friendly e-commerce solutions streamline processes, cutting down on unnecessary work and boosting sales.


Lyft offers ride-hailing services across the U.S. and Canada. From car services to bike and scooter rentals, Lyft provides convenient transportation options through their app.


Gainsight develops customer success software that helps companies prevent churn and optimize customer engagement. Their solutions focus on customer success, product experience, revenue optimization, and more.


Integrate offers demand orchestration software that enables marketers to automate top-of-funnel demand marketing. Their platform integrates media programs and prospect data, helping marketers acquire prospects and analyze performance.


BeyondTrust specializes in authorization management and security solutions for virtualization and cloud computing environments. Their products eliminate the risk of misuse and provide security for organizations across various industries.


Zocdoc aims to provide a better healthcare experience for patients. Their platform helps patients find in-network doctors, book appointments online, and receive advice from other patients.

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Instawork connects small businesses with local hourly workers through their on-demand job platform. With workers ranging from bartenders to retail merchandisers, Instawork helps businesses in various industries fill their staffing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Phoenix positioned as a tech hub?
A: Phoenix offers a favorable environment for tech companies with its desirable weather, strong economy, and central location.

Q: What sectors does Phoenix’s tech community span?
A: Phoenix’s tech community spans a diverse range of sectors, including software development, cybersecurity, and marketing tech.

Q: What are some well-known tech companies in Phoenix?
A: Some well-known tech companies in Phoenix include Lyft, Gainsight, Elastic, and Zocdoc.

Q: How has Phoenix’s tech employment grown?
A: Phoenix has experienced significant tech employment growth, with nearly 3,000 new tech roles added across the state since the start of 2019.


Phoenix, with its thriving tech ecosystem, is establishing itself as a tech haven in the heart of the desert. From software development to cybersecurity and marketing tech, Phoenix’s tech community is attracting diverse companies that contribute to Arizona’s growing tech scene. With its favorable business environment and central location, Phoenix is a promising destination for tech companies seeking to settle outside of Silicon Valley.

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