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Arlo Wire-Free WiFi Default Password Vulnerability

arlo wifi password

NETGEAR has recently identified a security vulnerability in the Arlo Wire-Free WiFi default password that poses a risk to users. This vulnerability allows hackers to access the Arlo base station, potentially compromising sensitive data and images. It is crucial for Arlo users to take immediate action to protect their devices and information.

The Vulnerability

The Arlo WiFi default password vulnerability arises in the following scenarios:

  • When a user performs a factory reset, the base station generates an easily identifiable default passphrase.
  • When a user removes the base station from their account using any of the Arlo user interfaces, such as the website or mobile apps.

This vulnerability affects Arlo Wire-Free base stations running firmware version 1.7.3_5005 or older. To determine your firmware version, log in to your Arlo account and navigate to Settings > About.

NETGEAR is actively working on a solution and plans to release firmware version 1.7.5_6178 by mid-June. This update will generate a secure and unique default passphrase for Arlo Wire-Free base stations. Once the firmware becomes available, online base stations will receive automatic firmware updates.

Mitigation Steps

To address the vulnerability and safeguard your Arlo Wire-Free base station, it is essential to follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade your Arlo Wire-Free base station software to firmware v1.7.5_6178. This version contains the necessary security enhancements.
  2. Perform a factory reset correctly to ensure the security update takes effect. Visit this link for instructions on how to perform a factory reset.
  3. If the base station was removed from your account, add it back. Go to this page for guidance on adding the base station to your account.
  4. Re-sync any Arlo cameras that were previously removed from your account. Instructions on camera re-sync can be found here.
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Please note that failure to follow these steps as described leaves your Arlo base station vulnerable to the default password exploit. NETGEAR cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from failure to upgrade the firmware in accordance with this notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I check my Arlo Wire-Free base station firmware version?

To check your firmware version, log in to your Arlo account and navigate to Settings > About.

Q: How can I perform a factory reset on my Arlo base station?

Visit this link for detailed instructions on performing a factory reset.

Q: What should I do if I removed my Arlo base station from my account?

If you removed your base station from your account, follow the steps outlined here to add it back.

Q: How do I re-sync my Arlo cameras?

To re-sync Arlo cameras that were previously removed from your account, refer to the instructions provided here.


NETGEAR is committed to addressing this security vulnerability and ensuring the safety of Arlo Wire-Free WiFi users. By promptly upgrading your firmware and following the recommended mitigation steps, you can protect your devices and information from potential exploitation. Stay connected securely with Arlo Wire-Free WiFi.

For any security concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

At NETGEAR, we are dedicated to connecting the world to the internet and earning the trust of our users. We proactively monitor emerging threats and strive to provide exceptional product support to maintain the highest level of connectivity.

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