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All Codes and Passwords for Doors in Atomic Heart: Where to Find

In the game Atomic Heart, codes and passwords are essential for opening hidden doors and uncovering valuable loot. These locks are not always indicated in the game, so it can be a challenge to find them. In this guide, we will show you where to find all the secret locks and how to unlock them.

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All Codes for Hidden Doors in Atomic Heart

The Password for the Funicular in the Complex “Vavilov”

To reach the funicular, you need to complete the task “Find and Defuse” given by Viktor Petrov. When you reach the mission “In Hot Pursuit,” talk to the corpse to learn how to get to the funicular. He will instruct you to find a cable car technician.

All codes and passwords for doors in Atomic Heart: where to find

Near the dead body, you’ll find a piece of paper with the code you need. Proceed to the booth and interact with the lock. Hack it by selecting the bulbs shown in the screenshot below.

The Code from the Graphic Lock in VDNKh

After completing the task “Shaded Mirror,” head to VDNKh. In the front part of the Exhibition, you will come across a door secured with a graphic lock. The password can be found in the adjacent room with a vent. It is drawn on a board. Enter the diamond shape on the lock and access the closed room.

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Inside, you will find a yellow chest containing the recipe for the Fire Cassette and a valuable capsule. For more details about this castle, refer to the article on the quest “Hands Off!”

How to Find Flasks and Open the Moon Castle at VDNKh

On the second floor of the Exhibition, you can locate a moon castle that requires three moon flasks to open. All three flasks are hidden nearby. You can find their exact locations in a separate guide. Inside the closed door, you’ll discover several chests with blueprints.

All codes and passwords for doors in Atomic Heart: where to find

Theater Door Code

During the mission “It’s Not a Password at All,” you will encounter a door locked with a graphic lock. Nearby, there will be a corpse. Ask the corpse about the lock, and he will inform you that the electrician knows the password. Find the electrician’s body nearby. Although he won’t provide any valuable information, you will find a sheet with the combination you need.

All codes and passwords for doors in Atomic Heart: where to find

Return to the lock and select the light bulbs indicated in the screenshot above to unlock it. For further assistance with this task and finding the code, refer to the separate article.

Password for the Sister’s Door in the Pavlov Complex

Once you reach the Pavlov complex and start the task “Bloody Courier,” follow the marker to descend to the second lower level. Here, you will come across a door locked with a graphic lock. To find the key, proceed even lower and enter the flaming room. The combination will be displayed on the screen in blood.

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All codes and passwords for doors in Atomic Heart: where to find

Head back to the door and select the appropriate light bulbs in the lock. After unlocking it, collect the contents of the chests. For more information on finding the code, consult the quest guide.

Please note that these are all the hidden doors and locks we have found in Atomic Heart, along with the codes and passwords required to open them. If you have information about other doors, feel free to share it in the comments section of this article.

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Unlocking hidden doors in Atomic Heart can be challenging without the right codes and passwords. By following this guide, you will be able to find and open all the secret locks, revealing valuable loot and blueprints. Remember to share any additional information about other hidden doors in the comments section.

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