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Breezeline – Connecting Dover with High-Speed Internet and Cable TV

If you’re a resident or business owner in the City of Dover, we have exciting news for you! The City Council recently approved a franchise agreement with Breezeline, the new name for Atlantic Broadband. This agreement will bring high-speed internet, cable television, and phone services to the city. With Breezeline, you can stay connected and enjoy a seamless digital experience.

Breezeline’s Services in Dover

Breezeline is committed to providing top-notch services to the residents of Dover. In addition to cable television, Breezeline is focused on delivering high-speed internet and phone services. This ensures you have all the essential communication tools right at your fingertips.

Fiber-to-the-Home Technology

Breezeline is proud to utilize Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology, which ensures lightning-fast internet speeds and a reliable connection. This cutting-edge technology paves the way for enhanced browsing, streaming, and communication experiences.


Breezeline is working diligently to make its services available in various locations throughout Dover. To stay updated on the availability of Breezeline’s services in your area, check out this link. You can also reach out to Breezeline’s customer service at 1-888-536-9600 for more information.

Citywide Installation Progress

Breezeline is dedicated to expanding its network infrastructure to provide comprehensive coverage in Dover. The company is actively installing conduit underground and on utility poles throughout the city. This process enables Breezeline to connect residents and businesses to its high-speed internet and cable television services.

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To ensure a smooth installation process, Breezeline has a team of skilled contractors working at various locations in Dover. You may come across them as they continue their important work. If you have any questions or issues regarding the construction or excavation work, feel free to contact Breezeline’s dedicated team at 603-330-2224.

Here are some of the locations where Breezeline crews are working this week to install underground conduit:

  • Thornwood Lane/Pointe Place
  • Lilac Gardens

Additionally, Breezeline contractors are installing cables on utility poles along the following roads:

  • Mast Road
  • Central Avenue
  • Stark Avenue
  • Whittier Street
  • Glennwood Avenue
  • Piscataqua Road
  • Durham Road
  • Bellamy Road
  • Garrison Road
  • Rutland Street
  • Silver Street
  • Back River Road
  • Long Hill Road
  • Littleworth Road
  • Old Rochester Road
  • Washington Street
  • Fourth Street
  • New Rochester Road
  • French Cross Road
  • Boston Harbor Road
  • Dover Point Road
  • Leighton Road
  • Heaphy Lane
  • Wiggin Drive
  • Hilton Road
  • Wentworth Terrace
  • Tuttle Lane
  • Evans Drive
  • Royer Lane
  • Ayers Lane
  • Riverside Drive
  • Roberts Road
  • Roberta Drive
  • Forsythia Drive
  • Cote Drive
  • Center Drive
  • Stevens Drive
  • Folsom Street
  • Stark Avenue

Rest assured that Breezeline is continuously working to complete the underground installation at various locations, ensuring that you’ll soon have access to their high-speed internet and cable television services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Breezeline’s services be available in my area?

Breezeline is striving to make its services available in as many locations in Dover as possible. To check if Breezeline is available in your area or to get the latest updates on their coverage expansion, visit this link.

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2. How can I contact Breezeline’s customer service?

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach out to Breezeline’s customer service team at 1-888-536-9600. They will be happy to help you with any queries or concerns.

3. Will Breezeline offer phone services?

Yes, Breezeline is dedicated to providing comprehensive communication solutions. Alongside high-speed internet and cable television, Breezeline also offers phone services.

4. How can I report any issues or ask questions related to Breezeline’s site work?

If you have any questions, issues, or feedback regarding Breezeline’s site work, including construction or excavation-related concerns, please contact their team at 603-330-2224.


With Breezeline’s expansion into the City of Dover, residents and businesses can look forward to fast and reliable high-speed internet, cable television, and phone services. Breezeline’s Fiber-to-the-Home technology ensures exceptional connectivity, allowing you to stay connected with the world. Stay updated on their progress and availability in your area by visiting Eireview today.

Remember, Breezeline is working tirelessly to enhance your digital experience. Soon, you’ll have access to the services you need to work, play, and connect with others effortlessly. Experience the power of Breezeline – your gateway to a new era of connectivity in Dover.

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