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Senior Wellness

Pets can live long, productive lives and bring joy to their families. Our veterinarians at Eireview are dedicated to ensuring that your older pets receive medical care specifically designed to meet their changing needs. Even if your pet does not look old, they deserve extraordinary care from approximately age seven and on.

Why Senior Wellness Care Is Important

It may be hard to believe, but many animals as young as seven years of age are considered to be seniors and require specialized care. Catching any changes in your older pet’s health as early as possible is crucial to improving their quality of life.

Regular physical examinations are recommended twice a year for senior pets. During these examinations, a complete health history will be taken to uncover any signs of illness. The veterinarian will ask questions regarding appetite, sleeping, vocalizing, behavior, elimination, and play to ensure your aging pet is still acting and feeling well at home. A comprehensive physical examination will also be performed.

These twice-yearly visits are essential to maintain the health of older pets, as they age at an accelerated rate compared to younger pets. While we often hear that dogs age approximately seven years for each person year, the fact is that older pets age even more rapidly. Thus, seeing the veterinarian yearly is equivalent to an older person visiting a doctor only once in a decade.

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Common Issues in Senior Pets

Older pets are prone to various health issues, including dental disease, orthopedic problems, obesity, and changes in behavior. The veterinarians at Eireview can provide dental care, offer advice regarding arthritis management, and recommend special diets or supplements. Behavior issues may be addressed through training, medication, and dietary adjustments. Physical therapy and acupuncture are also options for pets with arthritis and other age-associated infirmities.

In addition, annual blood testing is often suggested for senior pets. These screening tests check for illnesses common in geriatric animals, such as heart trouble, kidney disease, thyroid problems, and diabetes. Early identification of these problems allows for the recommendation of medications, dietary changes, and lifestyle adjustments to improve the well-being of your pets.

Senior pets need just a little bit of extra care to feel great. Remember, physical examinations should be scheduled twice a year, and geriatric blood profiles should be conducted at least once a year for older dogs and cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How often should I take my senior pet to the veterinarian?

    • A: It is recommended to schedule physical examinations twice a year for senior pets.
  • Q: What are some common issues in senior pets?

    • A: Common issues include dental disease, orthopedic problems, obesity, and changes in behavior.
  • Q: What can be done to help senior pets with arthritis?

    • A: Physical therapy, acupuncture, and medication may help alleviate arthritis symptoms in senior pets.
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At Eireview, we understand the importance of senior wellness care for your beloved pets. Our team of veterinarians is dedicated to providing specialized care to meet the changing needs of older pets. Through regular physical examinations, dental care, blood testing, and personalized recommendations, we strive to improve the quality of life for senior pets. Take the extra step to ensure your senior pet feels great by scheduling their wellness visits today.

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