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Cobra 63890 8 Channel Security DVR

Welcome to Eireview! Today, we are going to dive into the world of security DVRs and explore the features of the Cobra 63890. If you’ve recently purchased this device and are looking for help setting it up or getting specific features to work, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide you with tips, tricks, and even some hacks to make the most out of your Cobra 63890. Let’s get started!

The Manual

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the manual that comes with the Cobra 63890. While it may seem comprehensive at first, there are certain features that are unclear or may not actually exist in the product. Interestingly, there is another security camera/DVR company called ANNKE that has a nearly identical product. It’s highly likely that both products are built by the same company. This explains why the manual mentions features you “may have” but aren’t present in the Cobra 63890. Nevertheless, we will guide you through the setup and usage of this device.

The Hardware

The Cobra 63890 contains a standard SATA 1TB hard drive, and it can be easily swapped out with a new one if needed. It has eight analog camera inputs with BNC type connectors, which also support older NTSC cameras. There are several types of analog camera interfaces supported by the Cobra 63890, including AHD, TVI, and CVI. The package comes with HD cameras with a night vision feature, but they do not have microphones or support PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom). Each camera requires a separate cable for power and video, and if you want to use the PTZ feature, you’ll need to run an additional cable. The Cobra 63890 also includes two identical 12VDC power supplies – one for the DVR and one for powering the cameras.

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Exploring the Features

Let’s explore some of the features of the Cobra 63890 and provide you with some tips and tricks along the way.

Motion Detection, Masking Areas, and Sensitivity

The motion detection, masking areas, and sensitivity settings can be configured in the Alarm section of the menus. This allows you to record motion from specific cameras and select other cameras to start recording simultaneously. If you want to record motion at your front door but the camera picks up too much surrounding motion, you can install a second camera overhead and enable motion detection on that camera. Ensure the motion detection option is set to “Enabled” and configure the record schedule menu to specify the time and day of the week when the motion detection feature should be active.

Email Notifications

The Cobra 63890 allows you to receive email notifications when a problem is detected, such as a hard drive error, video signal loss, or motion detection. These emails include an attached JPG file of the captured motion. However, be mindful of false triggers caused by environmental factors or changes in lighting conditions. Adjust the masking area and sensitivity settings accordingly to prevent your inbox from getting flooded with unnecessary emails.

Cloud Storage

With cloud storage enabled, snapshots taken due to motion detection or manual capture can be uploaded to a cloud storage provider. The Cobra 63890 currently supports Dropbox for this feature. Unfortunately, the manual does not mention if videos can be uploaded in the same way.

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The DVR has a built-in speaker that can be configured to beep when motion is detected. Certain variants of the Cobra 63890 come with relay outputs, allowing you to control external devices using these outputs. You can experiment with wiring the beeper to an external jack and use it to trigger other devices.


The Cobra 63890 supports FTP for transferring captured snapshots to your storage device. However, there is limited information provided on how to configure this feature. The user manual mentions the necessary parameters for the FTP upload but fails to explain how to specify which channels you want to configure for uploading snapshots. This feature requires further exploration or firmware updates to ensure proper functionality.

Saving Files to USB

You can save event recordings to a USB thumb drive by selecting the desired event in the Record Search/Events tab. The Cobra 63890 offers flexibility by allowing you to choose between H.264, AVI, or MP4 formats for saved files.


To monitor a camera remotely, you can use programs like VLC software on your remote PC. This requires setting up port forwarding on your router to allow traffic through port 554 to your DVR. However, there is an error in the user manual that may prevent remote streaming. To overcome this, make sure to enter the correct RTSP URL for the mainstream and sub-stream. Note that an older version of VLC (e.g., version 2.2.6) may be needed to avoid bugs present in later versions.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks that might come in handy:

  • Keep your username and password within 8 characters to ensure compatibility.
  • Use both the VGA and HDMI outputs simultaneously if you need to mirror the output to another monitor.
  • Use the prefix “ch01” instead of “ch1” in the RTSP URL when connecting with VLC or other streaming applications.
  • Explore the firmware updates available for the Cobra 63890 and ensure you are using the latest version.
  • Experiment with the external alarm device feature and see if you can leverage it for additional functionalities.
  • Test the PTZ port with an appropriate camera and explore its capabilities beyond PTZ control.
  • Check if there are any other models of the Cobra 63890 that support sensor inputs for added functionality.
  • Share your experience with the audio input – what devices have you used and how did it enhance your setup?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we’ve come across. Feel free to post your answers or additional questions:

  • Have you encountered any bugs or issues with the Cobra 63890?
  • Is there a firmware update available? If so, what is the latest version?
  • Have you successfully configured the FTP feature? Share your insights and tips.
  • Can the Cobra 63890 support external alarm devices? Have you tried any hacks or modifications?
  • Does the PTZ port work with compatible cameras? Have you found alternative uses for this port?
  • Is there another model of the Cobra 63890 that supports sensor inputs?
  • How has your experience been with the audio input? What devices have you used?


We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and guidance on setting up and using the Cobra 63890 8 Channel Security DVR. Remember to explore the various features, experiment with different settings, and share your tips and tricks with the Eireview community. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy recording and stay secure!

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