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14 Tech Companies in Sunnyvale to Know

companies in sunnyvale

Located just down the road from San Francisco’s colossal tech scene, Sunnyvale is home to its own community of innovative companies operating within tech-enabled industries like cybersecurity, surgery, software, logistics, and more. While some of these companies have considered Sunnyvale home for decades, most have taken up occupancy only recently. These companies rely on each other’s advancements to aid in the creation of new solutions — meaning the work done in the city of under 200,000 people reaches around the globe several times over.

Technology Advancements in Sunnyvale

Let’s dive into some of the remarkable tech companies in Sunnyvale, California, and explore how they are influencing the tech developments with their groundbreaking achievements.

Clari: Revolutionizing Revenue Operations

Founded and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Clari makes revenue operations software designed to fine-tune revenue tracking and forecasting. Their platform focuses on revenue-specific processes that traditional CRM software often overlooks. By capturing, organizing, storing, and utilizing data effectively, Clari’s platform promises to decrease revenue leaks and deliver a substantial return on investment.


Druva: Data Protection for Today’s Cloud Era

Druva offers data protection and management solutions for the cloud era. Their cloud-based platform, built on AWS, provides enterprise backup data protection and management across data center, cloud, and endpoint workloads. By eliminating the complexity of onsite hardware and infrastructure, Druva’s solutions accelerate backup performance and offer unlimited scalability. With a unified view of backup data, businesses can streamline governance, improve cyber resiliency, and gain critical insights.

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Clover Network: Simplifying Point-of-Sale Solutions

Clover Network offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions that provide storefronts with a more intuitive point-of-sale (POS) system. With features like virtual terminals, online ordering, payments, employee tracking, and analytics reporting, Clover Network seamlessly integrates into various businesses, from restaurants to e-commerce stores.

Armorblox: Protecting Digital Assets with AI

Armorblox uses a natural language engine to gather insights and predict catastrophic information breaches. In the event of a breach, Armorblox sends alerts to relevant users, enabling security teams to take swift action. Their solutions integrate with enterprise apps and existing frameworks to block access to sensitive content, ensuring maximum protection against potential threats.

Cequence Security: Guarding Against Bot Attacks

Cequence Security specializes in protecting web, mobile, and API-based apps from automated bot attacks and vulnerabilities. Utilizing artificial intelligence, their Application Security Platform quickly recognizes threats and prevents data scraping and account takeovers. With support for data centers, cloud environments, and hybrid setups, Cequence Security ensures comprehensive security for businesses.

Fortinet: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Fortinet offers an array of cybersecurity products for enterprises, mid-sized, and small businesses. Their expertise lies in application, network, cloud, and end-to-end security. The Fortinet Security Fabric framework seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure, automating protection and delivering a complete suite of cybersecurity solutions.

Fujitsu: Transforming Businesses with Digital Technology

Fujitsu provides network, storage, cloud, security, integration, and device capabilities that help businesses operate efficiently and drive innovation. Their products and services cover a wide spectrum, allowing companies to address their IT challenges effectively. Fujitsu’s specialized subsidiaries also extend these values to various sectors.

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Intuitive Surgical: Advancing Precision in Surgery

Intuitive Surgical invents solutions that advance precision and capabilities in cutting-edge surgeries. Their da Vinci system was one of the first robotically assisted, minimally invasive surgical systems cleared by the FDA. Today, Intuitive Surgical’s technology is installed in over 65 countries, revolutionizing the surgical field.

Juniper Networks: Networking and Security Solutions

Juniper Networks provides physical and digital products that help companies meet their networking, security, and infrastructural goals. From setting up multi-cloud environments and implementing automation solutions to installing routers and switches, Juniper Networks offers end-to-end solutions that address diverse IT needs.

NetApp: Enabling Comprehensive Data Solutions

NetApp is an industry leader in creating comprehensive edge, core, and cloud environments to help companies deliver projects and build enterprise apps. Their on-premises public cloud allows efficient application development and future scalability, empowering businesses to thrive in a data-driven world.

Quanergy Systems: Enhancing Safety and Performance

Quanergy Systems manufactures LiDAR sensor systems that bring enhanced safety, efficiency, and performance to the transportation, security, mapping, and industrial automation industries. Their Qortex system serves as the framework for their LiDAR sensors, enabling custom solutions tailored to individual needs.

Sensel: Innovative Touch Technology

Sensel pioneers touch technology with its innovative approach. Their Sensor Pressure Grid features a high-resolution sensor array that enables both positional and force-sensitive precision. This technology finds applications in mobile phones, trackpads, musical devices, virtual keyboards, and automotive displays, operating efficiently in any environment.

Trimble: Precision Technology for Various Industries

Trimble develops and manufactures positioning, communication, and software technology using satellites. Their solutions impact industries such as agriculture, construction, energy, and more. By offering custom solutions based on specific requirements, Trimble brings precision to some of the world’s largest infrastructural developments.

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TURVO: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Communication

TURVO offers a collaborative cloud environment that enables real-time access to necessary documents, fostering effective communication throughout the supply chain. Their end-to-end IoT platform, known as the “Internet of Shipping,” simplifies communication between organizations, ensuring quick solutions to any roadblocks.

With these remarkable tech companies leading the way, Sunnyvale continues to be a hotbed of innovation and technological advancement. These companies play a vital role in shaping the future of various industries, both locally and globally.