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CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) Events Connector for Microsoft Sentinel

cyberark password vault

CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault generates an XML Syslog message for every action taken against the Vault. These XML messages can be sent to Microsoft Sentinel to be converted into CEF standard format and then forwarded to a syslog staging server of your choice, such as syslog-ng or rsyslog. The Log Analytics agent installed on your syslog staging server will then import these messages into Microsoft Log Analytics. If you need further guidance on SIEM integrations, refer to the CyberArk documentation.

Connector Attributes

Log Analytics table(s): CommonSecurityLog (CyberArk)

Data collection rules support: Workspace transform DCR

Supported by: Cyberark

Query Samples

CyberArk Alerts

CommonSecurityLog | where DeviceVendor == "Cyber-Ark" | where DeviceProduct == "Vault" | where LogSeverity == "7" or LogSeverity == "10" | sort by TimeGenerated desc

Vendor Installation Instructions

  1. Linux Syslog Agent Configuration

Install and configure the Linux agent to collect your Common Event Format (CEF) Syslog messages and forward them to Microsoft Sentinel.

Notice that the data from all regions will be stored in the selected workspace.

1.1 Select or Create a Linux Machine

Select or create a Linux machine that Microsoft Sentinel will use as the proxy between your security solution and Microsoft Sentinel. This machine can be located on your on-premises environment, Azure, or other clouds.

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1.2 Install the CEF Collector on the Linux Machine

Install the Microsoft Monitoring Agent on your Linux machine and configure it to listen on the necessary port and forward messages to your Microsoft Sentinel workspace. The CEF collector collects CEF messages on port 514 TCP.

Make sure that you have Python installed on your machine.
You must have elevated permissions (sudo) on your machine.

Run the following command to install and apply the CEF collector:

sudo wget -O && sudo python {0} {1}

1.3 Forward Common Event Format (CEF) Logs to Syslog Agent

On the EPV, configure the dbparm.ini file to send Syslog messages in CEF format to the proxy machine. Make sure to send the logs to port 514 TCP on the machine’s IP address.

1.4 Validate Connection

Follow the instructions below to validate your connectivity:

  • Open Log Analytics to check if the logs are received using the CommonSecurityLog schema.

It may take about 20 minutes until the connection streams data to your workspace.

If the logs are not received, run the following connectivity validation script:

Make sure that you have Python installed on your machine using the following command: python -version.
You must have elevated permissions (sudo) on your machine.

Run the following command to validate your connectivity:

sudo wget -O && sudo python {0}

1.5 Secure Your Machine

Make sure to configure the machine’s security according to your organization’s security policy.

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Next Steps

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