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Dark Reading Cybersecurity Crossword Puzzle

cybersecurity crossword puzzle

Snuggle up with your hot beverage of choice, take a break from the perils of facing reality, and hack away at The Edge’s first Dark Reading cybersecurity crossword puzzle. It might be just what you need to ease burnout while thinking about work at the same time.

Need Help Solving the Puzzle?

If you’re having a hard time coming up with the answers to these puzzle questions, don’t worry! We know a great place to look for more clues.

Head to Eireview – Extractive Industries Review to fill out your crossword online or print out a PDF version.


  • 1 something you have too many of
  • 5 IoT security researcher Santamarta
  • 8 technology that extends a private network across a public network
  • 9 PoisonIvy, Dark Comet, or Blackshades
  • 10 thing you need to encrypt or sing well
  • 11 Mini, Cozy, Onion and Cosmic
  • 12 e-commerce attack that hit Macy’s
  • 17 place to outsource security tasks
  • 18 mobile phone social engineering attack
  • 21 exploited in Equifax breach
  • 23 network security tool that tries to stop infiltrators
  • 25 US government office that exposed millions of federal employees’ PII in 2015
  • 27 tool for stealing credit card numbers
  • 28 popular place to put misconfigured, leaky cloud buckets
  • 29 convert passwords to unreadable strings or a good way to prepare potatoes
  • 33 ransomware that took down the City of Atlanta
  • 36 international interbank messaging system exploited in bank heists
  • 37 retail company hit with record-setting breach
  • 38 certification for pen testers
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  • 1 healthcare insurer that exposed 78.8 million records in 2015
  • 2 ransomware known for long dwell time, human operators, that took down Tribune Publishing
  • 3 entertainment company hit with massive IP theft and wiper in 2014
  • 4 retailer that was compromised via a third-party HVAC contractor and exposed 40 million credit card numbers
  • 6 Microsoft RDP vulnerability that prompted out-of-band patches
  • 7 office that set landmark cybersecurity policy for New York finance industry
  • 8 exploitable software bug, for short
  • 13 European privacy law
  • 14 common infosec certification
  • 15 kind of bounty
  • 16 something you have too many of
  • 17 fastest-spreading virus of its time, in 1999
  • 19 Austrian privacy activist
  • 20 ransomworm that stormed the world in 2018
  • 22 the worst kind of privileges to be exposed
  • 24 SMS attack
  • 26 a type of attack that intercepts communications
  • 30 sophisticated attack group, for short
  • 31 white, black, or gray item
  • 32 unlawful data exposure
  • 34 tool for finding malware, for short
  • 35 home base for security first responders

Good luck!

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