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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Snapchat?

do you need a phone number for snapchat

Are you tired of being forced to add your personal phone number for phone verification on Snapchat? Do you worry about your privacy on Snapchat or divulging your real phone number? The thought of getting unwanted and unknown calls or messages from strangers can be worrisome. Not only that but what if you don’t want some of your relatives or friends to find you on Snapchat through contacts?

To solve this issue, you can get a virtual phone number for Snapchat, which allows you to use Snapchat while keeping your personal phone number private. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to get a virtual phone number for Snapchat. Follow along to learn in detail!

What is a Virtual Phone Number for Snapchat?

A virtual phone number for Snapchat is a VoIP number that does not require a cellular connection or phone line to operate. It requires an active internet connection for using phone calls or SMS services. Similar to a traditional phone number, you can carry out your communications using a virtual number. However, as opposed to the traditional phone system, the call is routed using VoIP technology.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Phone Number for Snapchat?

Adding a phone number isn’t compulsory to create a Snapchat account; however, it comes with some benefits. For example, if you ever forget your password, you may easily reset the password using your phone number. For that, you will receive a Snapchat verification code to your mobile phone number via SMS or phone call that you need to enter on the Snapchat app to reset your password.

Now you must be debating whether to provide your actual number to Snapchat. If this is the case, you don’t need to worry; you can always get a virtual number for Snapchat.

Here are some reasons to consider getting a virtual phone number for Snapchat.

  • Avoiding spam calls and messages: Leaking your actual number on Snapchat might lead to unwanted phone calls, texts, or add requests. People might misuse the number for spam calls and messages.
  • Protecting your privacy: Providing personal phone numbers on online platforms like Snapchat might be concerning as it might risk your online safety, leading to identity theft and data leakage. Thus it is necessary to stay on the safe side by getting a virtual number and protecting your privacy.
  • Multiple Snapchat accounts: You can only link one phone number to individual Snapchat accounts on a device. However, getting multiple virtual numbers makes it easier to create and link the number to multiple Snapchat accounts.
  • International Snapchat users: A virtual number allows you to create a local presence in your preferred country, even if you don’t live there. Thus, with international virtual numbers, it is easier to connect with international Snapchat users and broaden your reach.
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Disclaimer: Please note that OTP delivery relies exclusively on SnapChat. Our SnapChat tests were successful, though certain providers may not support VoIP numbers. The KrispCall system guarantees unhindered communication by not blocking messages.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Snapchat?

You can get a virtual phone number for Snapchat by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Choose a trustworthy virtual number provider, such as KrispCall.
  2. Fill in all the necessary details to create an account.
  3. Choose a country, a preferred location, and an appropriate number.
  4. Complete the payment procedure and submit the necessary documents if asked.
  5. Once the virtual number for Snapchat gets activated, you can use it for Snapchat account verification.

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How to Make a Snapchat Account without a Phone Number?

Many users might hesitate to provide a personal phone number for Snapchat because of unnecessary friend add requests, notifications, or online risks. You might simply use your email address to create the account in such a case. However, adding a mobile number makes it easier to receive SMS verification Snapchat codes and provides extra security and easy password reset in case you forget it.

So what can you do to avoid giving your actual phone number while enjoying the benefits mentioned above? In such cases, you may use a virtual number for Snapchat. Follow these steps to set up a Snapchat account using a virtual phone number.

  1. To create a Snapchat account, Open Snapchat and tap on the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Enter your name and tap the “Sign Up & Accept” button.
  3. Enter your birthday and tap on “Continue.”
  4. Now fill in the username and tap “Continue.”
  5. Set a secure password and tap “Continue.”
  6. On the next page, you need to enter your phone number. Instead of using your real phone number, you can now use the virtual number you purchased earlier and tap “Continue.”
  7. Enter the confirmation code sent on the phone number to verify your Snapchat account.
  8. Your Snapchat account is now created. Allow access to your contacts to find your friends on the app easily.
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Top 5 Snapchat Virtual phone number providers in 2024

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a cloud-based telecommunications system that allows people to easily buy or port their numbers—whether local or international. With more than 100 countries available, you can choose a virtual number from any of the countries and create a local presence there using KrispCall. The KrispCall app supports VoIP calls, voicemails, and SMS messages, making it easier to receive confirmation codes. Therefore, KrispCall might be the best option for getting a virtual number for Snapchat.


  • Call transfer
  • Call analytics
  • Global Calling
  • Call monitoring
  • Caller ID

KrispCall pricing plan starts at $12 per user per month (annually).

2. Phone.com

Founded over ten years ago, Phone.com provides the best way to connect your business phone number to any device. It is cost-effective and easy to use while offering all the essential features of a modern business phone system at a competitive international cost. Using Phone.com, you may now sign up for a Snapchat account and add a global phone number from wherever you are.


  • Free conference calling
  • SMS text messaging
  • Video meetings

The pricing starts as low as $11.99 per month.

3. Hushed

Hushed has been providing affordable private phone number solutions with full-featured talk and text capabilities since 2013. With Hushed, you can make and receive private calls, send texts and picture messages, and manage multiple phone numbers through Wi-Fi. It provides mobile and local phone numbers from over 100 countries and area codes.


  • Call routing
  • Call forwarding
  • Custom voicemail greeting
  • SMS and MMS

Hushed’s prepaid plan starts from $1.99 per month.

4. Ooma

Ooma, Inc. is a telecommunications company in Silicon Valley, California, that offers communications services like Voice over IP (VoIP) calling for business, home, and mobile users. It is another great option to get a virtual number for Snapchat, as it provides amazing services at relatively low prices. All you need to do is connect Ooma to a high-speed internet connection and enjoy all the provided features.

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  • Call blocking
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail Monitoring
  • Expanded Call Blocking

Contact their customer support team for full pricing details.

5. Nextiva

Founded in 2006, Nextiva is an Arizona-based VoIP company. The system is a complete cloud-based phone system that features TLS & SRTP encryption for enhanced privacy. The service offers unified communication, including voice, text, and unlimited calls. In case you don’t want to provide your personal number on Snapchat, this is another great option.


  • Call analytics
  • Virtual voicemail
  • Unlimited calling and texting
  • Auto attendant
  • Conference calling

Check out their customer support team for pricing details.

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Tips for Using Virtual Phone Numbers on Snapchat

Here are some things to consider before using a virtual phone number on Snapchat.

  • Pick a trustworthy service provider: Virtual mobile phone numbers from unreliable service providers might lead to issues like getting a fake number, not receiving the verification code, etc. Thus, it’s crucial to pick a reliable virtual number provider, so to help you in making a wise choice, look for user reviews and ratings.
  • Be mindful of the limitations: Certain virtual numbers might not function properly with some Snapchat features, such as two-factor authentication. Thus, carefully read the provider’s terms and conditions and be aware of any limitations before using your virtual phone number on Snapchat.
  • Verify your virtual phone number on Snapchat: Ensure that you verify your Snapchat virtual number once it has been activated. For that, you can add the phone number to your Snapchat account settings and follow the Snapchat verification instructions.
  • Ensure your virtual number is up-to-date: Keep your Snapchat virtual number updated if it changes so you don’t miss important notifications.


Getting a virtual number for Snapchat is a wise decision as it lets you stay safe and secure on the app while enjoying its features. With a Snapchat virtual number, you can easily verify your account, reset your forgotten password, retain your privacy, and put your mind at ease about the possibility of your phone number being misused. It is, however, important to be careful when choosing a virtual number provider since getting a virtual number from a shady provider could expose you to scams. Thus, to ensure the utmost level of safety, it is essential to get virtual numbers for Snapchat from reputable service providers like KrispCall, which have strengthened security measures for their users.