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It seems like many users are experiencing a similar issue that started before the upgrade to version 6.5.1. Although a new version, 6.6.0, has been recently released, there are no release notes available yet. It appears that this release might have been pushed by Eero for troubleshooting purposes.

The problem seems to have been going on for about three weeks, possibly longer. Users only realized the issue when they started receiving occasional “your Internet connection is unstable” notices from their web conference tools. To investigate further, users ran a continuous ping test (with a 2-second interval) from multiple systems in their homes. They noticed that all the systems experienced timeouts at the same moment, and the Internet traffic was disrupted as well.

To troubleshoot, users have tried different approaches. First, they swapped the Gateway Eero with others in their homes, ensuring that each of the three Eeros served as the Gateway at some point. Then, they attempted to block all devices except the most essential ones from connecting, although no new devices had been added to the network for over a year.

In one test, they replaced the Eero with a 10-year-old 802.11n router, and the problem disappeared. Additionally, when users connected directly to their cable modem with a single computer and ran the same ping test, the problem also went away (after testing for 16 hours straight).

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Further troubleshooting steps involved reducing the active Eeros to just one, but the problem persisted. Users even connected through Ethernet on the single active Eero, while other devices remained connected via Wi-Fi, but the issue still persisted.

Here’s an example of the ping results users observed during their tests (using the RELIABLE_DESTINATION as the target IP address):

548 fails Sun Nov 21 07:02:07 EST 2021 64 bytes from RELIABLE_DESTINATION: icmp_seq=25169 ttl=53 time=191.986 ms
548 fails Sun Nov 21 07:02:09 EST 2021 64 bytes from RELIABLE_DESTINATION: icmp_seq=25170 ttl=53 time=241.700 ms
548 fails Sun Nov 21 07:02:13 EST 2021 Request timeout for icmp_seq 25171
549 fails Sun Nov 21 07:02:15 EST 2021 Request timeout for icmp_seq 25172
550 fails Sun Nov 21 07:02:17 EST 2021 Request timeout for icmp_seq 25173
551 fails Sun Nov 21 07:02:17 EST 2021 64 bytes from RELIABLE_DESTINATION: icmp_seq=25174 ttl=53 time=51.782 ms
551 fails Sun Nov 21 07:02:19 EST 2021 64 bytes from RELIABLE_DESTINATION: icmp_seq=25175 ttl=53 time=125.526 ms

To track the issue, users utilized the following bash command:

i=0; ping -i 2 -A RELIABLE_DESTINATION | while read pong; do echo "$i fails $(date) $pong"; [[ "$pong" == *"timeout"* ]] && let "i++"; done;

The command counts the number of timeouts (551) and the total attempts (25175 at 2-second intervals). After rebooting all the Eeros, the issue persisted with a 10-15 second downtime every 2-3 minutes. From the above counts, it can be inferred that there were about 13 hours of drops, with an average of 3-5 timeouts per session. Thus, users experienced approximately 110-183 drop “sessions” over the course of 13 hours, averaging about one “session” every 3-4 minutes.

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Affected users have been informed that replacement units will be provided. However, it is unclear whether Eero intends to replace all three units or only two. Users are eagerly waiting to see if this replacement resolves the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I upgrade to version 6.6.0 before troubleshooting the issue?
Unfortunately, since there are no release notes available for version 6.6.0 yet, it is best to troubleshoot the issue first before considering an upgrade.

2. Why does the problem disappear when I use a different router?
This could be due to compatibility issues between the Eero and certain devices or network configurations. Using a different router can help determine if the problem lies specifically with the Eero or if it is related to other factors.

3. What can I do if the problem persists even with a single active Eero?
If you have reduced the active Eeros to just one and the problem still persists, there might be an issue with that particular Eero unit. Contact Eero support for further assistance and possible replacement.


The issue of Internet connection instability has been plaguing Eero users for several weeks. While troubleshooting measures have been taken, such as swapping Gateways and blocking non-essential devices, the problem persists. Users have observed that connecting through a different router resolves the issue, indicating a potential compatibility problem with the Eero units. Replacement units have been promised, and users are hopeful that these replacements will provide a long-lasting solution to the connectivity issue.

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