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Arya, Family Secrets, and Archives in “That Awkward Magic!!”

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In the webcomic “That Awkward Magic!!,” archives play a significant role in the storyline. Let’s delve into the importance of archives and how they shape the narrative.

An Unexpected Discovery

Ansel Owen, a nerdy student, accidentally activates his magic powers and embarks on a love story with Evan. In the webcomic, Ansel’s skepticism towards his grandmother, Nana, leads Arya, a witch sent by the committee, to explore the restricted library. There, Arya discovers a startling revelation about Ansel’s lineage and his grandmother’s hidden past.

Two parts of the webcomic where Arya tells Ansel about her research in the archives

Unveiling Family Secrets

In the magical archives, Arya uncovers that Ansel’s grandmother possesses unrecognized magic. She suspects that Nana has altered the archives to conceal Ansel’s connection to a lineage of extinct magic. Ansel learns that the committee would impose severe consequences if they discovered his unique heritage, forcing him to confront his conflicted family dynamics.

A Revealing Confrontation

As the webcomic unfolds, Ansel confronts Nana, demanding answers about her magical records. Nana admits that her magic was misclassified and hints at the committee’s involvement in her loss of powers. Ansel’s frustration and determination to make his own choices strain his relationships, ultimately leading him to seek solace with his friend Aaron.

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The Significance of Archives

The portrayal of archives in “That Awkward Magic!!” prompts reflection on their importance in preserving and uncovering hidden truths. The webcomic masterfully navigates the complexities of family secrets and the potential manipulation of archival records.

A scene from the webcomic

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main storyline of “That Awkward Magic!!”?

    • “That Awkward Magic!!” follows the evolving relationship between Ansel and Evan as they navigate their magical powers and uncover family secrets.
  2. How do archives play a role in the webcomic?

    • Archives serve as a means to reveal hidden information about Ansel’s lineage and the manipulation of magical records.
  3. What consequences does Ansel face if the committee discovers his lineage?

    • Ansel risks severe consequences from the committee due to his unique heritage, compelling him to confront his family dynamics and make difficult choices.


“That Awkward Magic!!” presents an engaging storyline that highlights the significance of archives in shaping personal narratives. The creator, SomeBunny, deserves recognition for seamlessly incorporating archives into the webcomic’s plot. This portrayal of archives opens the door for other webcomics to explore similar themes, offering readers a compelling and thought-provoking experience.

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