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EZ-Pay: A Convenient and Secure Way to Pay


With the rise of technology, it’s no surprise that payment methods are also evolving. One such method that offers convenience and security is EZ-Pay. Whether you’re using MetroAccess or simply looking for a hassle-free way to pay, EZ-Pay has got you covered. Let’s dive into how this system works and why it’s worth considering.

How Does EZ-Pay Work?

EZ-Pay allows you to prepay your MetroAccess fare using a variety of methods. You can pay through your phone or the Internet with a credit/debit card, or in person with cash at the Metro Center Sales Office. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the payment method that suits you best. Additionally, EZ-Pay offers a user-friendly interface where you can review your trip history online and keep track of any complimentary trips that you receive.

The Convenience of EZ-Pay

EZ-Pay aims to make your MetroAccess experience as seamless as possible. By prepaying with EZ-Pay, all you need to do is show your MetroAccess photo ID to the driver when you board the vehicle. No more fumbling for cash or worrying about having exact change. It’s a hassle-free way to pay so that you can focus on getting to your destination.

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EZ-Pay and SmartBenefits®

For those who receive a transit benefit through their employer’s SmartBenefits® program, EZ-Pay has got you covered as well. You can now direct your monthly transit benefit to MetroAccess. By having a registered SmarTrip® card and being enrolled in SmartBenefits®, you can easily manage your transit benefits and track your balance and transaction history through your EZ-Pay account.

Managing Your Account

One of the key features of EZ-Pay is the ability to manage your account effortlessly. You can add money to your account whenever you want and keep track of the balance. If you have any questions or need assistance, MetroAccess customer service representatives are available to provide you with account information when you call to schedule a trip.

Please note that it’s essential to have funds available in your account prior to making a reservation for your trip. Money is deducted at the time of booking, not when you actually take the trip. For subscription riders, funds need to be available eight (8) days before your subscription trip(s) as these trips are automatically reserved in the system a week prior to the travel date. Additionally, subscription trips are automatically canceled for all federal holidays.

Using Your Account

To make it easier for you, EZ-Pay offers multiple ways to access and use your account.

By Phone:

  1. Call MetroAccess at 301-562-5360 and select option 4 for your EZ-Pay account (TTY 301-588-7535).
  2. Follow the prompts to log in and access your account balance and transactions.
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By Internet:

  1. Visit MetroAccess EZ-Pay and log in to your account.
  2. Use your MetroAccess customer ID number as your login ID and your eight-digit date of birth as your default password.
  3. From there, you can view your balance, transactions, add value, or log out.

In Person:

  1. Visit the Transit Accessibility Center located at 655 Virginia Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024.
  2. Inform the sales agent that you would like to add money to your MetroAccess EZ-Pay account.
  3. Show your MetroAccess photo ID to the sales agent and make the payment using cash or a credit/debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use EZ-Pay if I don’t have a MetroAccess account?
A: EZ-Pay is primarily designed for MetroAccess users, but it is also available for other payment purposes. If you’re interested in using EZ-Pay for other services, please contact the respective organization or service provider for more information.

Q: Are there any additional fees for using EZ-Pay?
A: No, there are no additional fees associated with using EZ-Pay. However, please note that standard fees, such as trip fares, may apply.

Q: What should I do if I forget my EZ-Pay password?
A: In case you forget your EZ-Pay password or need it reset, please contact the Transit Accessibility Center at 202-962-2700 and select option 5 (TTY 202-962-2033) for assistance.


EZ-Pay offers a convenient and secure way to pay for your MetroAccess fare. By utilizing this system, you can simplify your payment process and enjoy the benefits of tracking your trip history and receiving complimentary trips. Whether you’re a MetroAccess user or looking for a hassle-free payment method, consider giving EZ-Pay a try. Visit the Eireview website for more information and start your hassle-free payment journey with EZ-Pay today.

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