Wednesday, 17 Jul 2024

Facebook’s Official Android App Draining Battery? Here are the Top 4 Alternatives to Use

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking service with over 1.5 billion active users, is a platform where people post status updates, like photos, and engage in various activities on a daily basis. Many users access Facebook through the official app on their smartphones. However, this app is notorious for draining the battery and slowing down other apps, significantly affecting the overall performance of Android devices. In fact, some users have reported a 20% improvement in battery life after uninstalling the official Facebook app. So, what are the alternatives?

1. Access Mobile Version of Facebook in Google Chrome

If you use an Android device, chances are you also have Google Chrome installed. In that case, you can simply access the mobile website of Facebook in Chrome to get an almost equal app-like experience without the battery drain. All the regular features of Facebook can be conveniently accessed this way. To make it even easier, you can pin Facebook’s mobile website to your phone’s home screen for instant access. Just tap the three dots icon in the Chrome browser and select “Add to Home screen.”


2. Metal for Facebook and Twitter

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Metal for Facebook and Twitter is a lightweight and easy-to-use third-party app that serves as an excellent alternative to the official Facebook app. It loads up quickly and provides access to all of Facebook’s standard features, such as friend requests and news feed, through a handy sidebar. With features like manual update sync frequency and the ability to block images, Metal is a great option for saving data and battery. It also supports push notifications and offers a floating widget in the Android notification area for quick actions. Additionally, Metal supports Twitter, making it a versatile app for both Facebook and Twitter users.


3. Folio for Facebook

Folio for Facebook is a highly customizable web wrapper app that allows you to tweak Facebook’s layout itself by enabling or disabling certain sections. For instance, you can disable the “People You May Know” section. Folio also lets you set the update interval for Facebook updates and disable images to conserve battery and data. The app offers full support for push notifications, which can be customized according to your preferences. Moreover, Folio provides add-ons for other social networks like Twitter and Instagram, although they require payment. Additional customization features include font size adjustments and a variety of themes.


4. Facebook Lite

If you prefer using a Facebook app developed by Facebook itself, consider using Facebook Lite. With a file size of just over 500 KB, Facebook Lite is designed for users in developing countries with slow network connections. It allows you to access almost all standard features of Facebook, such as friend requests and posting updates. Facebook Lite offers options to specify font size and image download quality to conserve data and battery. It also provides information about data consumption. However, keep in mind that Facebook Lite requires manual refreshing to see updates and may have delayed push notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these alternatives compatible with iOS devices?
A: The alternatives mentioned in this article are primarily focused on Android devices. However, there are similar options available for iOS as well.

Q: Do these alternatives offer the same level of security as the official Facebook app?
A: The alternatives mentioned in this article prioritize user security and strive to provide a safe browsing experience. However, it is always recommended to exercise caution when using third-party apps and ensure the protection of your personal information.

Q: Can I use these alternatives alongside the official Facebook app?
A: Yes, you can use these alternatives alongside the official Facebook app. You can choose to uninstall or disable the official app while using these alternatives, depending on your preferences.


If you’re tired of the official Facebook app draining your device’s battery and affecting its overall performance, consider trying out these alternatives. Whether you opt for accessing Facebook through Google Chrome, using Metal for Facebook and Twitter, exploring Folio for Facebook’s customization options, or utilizing the lightweight Facebook Lite, you can enjoy Facebook on your Android smartphone without the worry of constant battery drain. Give them a try and let us know your favorite alternative in the comments below.