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The Unforgettable Night with Bakugou Katsuki


Have you ever had one of those nights where you wake up and realize that something went terribly wrong? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Hitoshi when he opened his eyes after a wild night out. As he groggily assesses the situation, he discovers two major problems: his body is in terrible shape, and he’s in bed with none other than Bakugou Katsuki, the number three hero. This article will delve into the events that led to this unexpected situation and explore the aftermath of their unforgettable night together.

A Night of Mystery

Hitoshi, a man who has spent years working covert ops, is no stranger to tough situations. However, waking up in Bakugou’s bed in a sorry state truly takes the cake. Through a hazy recollection of the night before, Hitoshi pieces together the clues: a wild night at a club, blue cocktails, mysterious pills, and a blackout. It seems something happened between him and Bakugou, but the details remain shrouded in mystery.

The Morning After

As the sun begins to rise, Hitoshi takes in the aftermath of their night together. His body shows the evidence of their encounter, with bruises and scratches adorning his skin. Surprisingly, however, his ass doesn’t hurt. Hitoshi’s mind races with questions – did they fight? Does he still have all his teeth? The uncertainty fuels his anxiety as he contemplates what exactly transpired between them.

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The Escape

Feeling a mix of guilt and self-preservation, Hitoshi decides to make a swift exit before face-to-face confrontation with Bakugou. He gathers his belongings, leaving a note of apology on the counter, and flees Bakugou’s apartment. The weight of the situation follows him as he tries to shake off the events of the night and return to some semblance of normalcy.

The Reminders

Days pass, and Hitoshi’s silence towards Bakugou hangs heavy in his chest. He tries to convince himself that their relationship was merely one of snide banter and party encounters, but deep down, he knows he’s been yearning for more. The absence of communication from Bakugou only intensifies Hitoshi’s feelings of guilt and regret.

A Warning from Midoriya

In the midst of this turmoil, Hitoshi encounters Midoriya, a close friend of Bakugou’s. Midoriya, who doesn’t shy away from confrontation, confronts Hitoshi about hurting Bakugou’s feelings. It’s a stark reminder that Bakugou’s emotions run deep, even if he doesn’t always show it. Hitoshi realizes the gravity of his actions and the need to address the situation.

Extending an Olive Branch

Finally mustering the courage to reach out, Hitoshi sends a message to Bakugou, apologizing for his behavior and offering to meet for coffee. The response is sharp and laden with a warning against the use of Hitoshi’s quirk. Despite the stern tone, Hitoshi is relieved to receive a reply and eagerly sets a date to meet.

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As the article comes to a close, we’re left wondering what will transpire in the upcoming coffee meeting between Hitoshi and Bakugou. Will they be able to mend their relationship? Will the events of that fateful night be fully explained? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure – the night with Bakugou Katsuki is an experience that Hitoshi will never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened between Hitoshi and Bakugou during their night together?
A: The details remain a mystery, but it seems something significant occurred between them. Hitoshi woke up in Bakugou’s bed, covered in bruises and scratches, with no memory of what transpired.

Q: Will Hitoshi and Bakugou be able to reconcile?
A: The outcome of their coffee meeting remains uncertain. It’s a crucial moment for them to address the issues between them and determine if they can move forward.

Q: How does Midoriya fit into this situation?
A: Midoriya, a close friend of Bakugou’s, confronts Hitoshi about hurting Bakugou’s feelings. His presence serves as a reminder of the depth of Bakugou’s emotions and the need for resolution.

Q: Will the truth about that night ever be fully revealed?
A: The details of the night between Hitoshi and Bakugou may be revealed as their story unfolds. It’s a situation that holds plenty of intrigue and anticipation.


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