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Unlocking the Lab Door: Fallout 76’s “Out of the Blue” Quest

fallout 76 out of the blue password

Fallout 76’s latest quest, “Out of the Blue,” presents an intricate puzzle that requires you to decipher a passcode in order to unlock a sealed door. Don’t worry if you’re finding it challenging; we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive walkthrough to help you navigate through this quest step by step.

Finding the Harper Ferry Train Tunnel

Before you can even start decoding the password, you need to locate the locked door. With the recent Steel Reign update, Fallout 76 has placed a stronger emphasis on NPC interaction. In this quest, you’ll interact with Paladin Rahmani, who can be found at Fort Atlas. Engage in conversation with her to initiate “Out of the Blue.”

Paladin Rahmani is concerned about a missing person case involving the niece of a local farmer. She suspects the Blue Ridge Caravan company might be responsible. You’ll join her in investigating the company’s headquarters. Fast travel to the “Big Bend Tunnel West” landmark in the “Ash Heap” region and make your way to the caravan’s office located in the center of the base.

The Locked Door Challenge

As you venture through the Harper Ferry train tunnel, be prepared to encounter feral ghouls and uncover secret passageways. Eventually, you’ll come across a sealed door that refuses to open. An activated lockdown procedure caused by a false gas leak report is the reason behind this immovable obstacle.

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To lift the lockdown, you must enter the pump room and confirm that there is no gas leak. However, the pump room is inaccessible due to a wall of strangler vines. The solution lies in a herbicide stored in a password-protected storeroom.

So, to recap, in order to proceed with the “Out of the Blue” quest, you’ll need to unlock the sealed door, deactivate the lockdown procedure, access the pump room, eliminate the strangler vines, and retrieve the herbicide. Quite a few steps, but fear not!

Cracking the Lab Code

At the lab entrance, you’ll notice three panels next to a locked door. These panels are where you’ll input the code once you’ve successfully decrypted it. Your mission to crack the lab code begins with three notes scattered around the room.

The first note, found on a desk to your right, simply reveals that the door’s code is “Open Sesame Seed.” However, the challenge lies in the fact that the terminals only accept numerical characters.

Don’t worry; an office notice board memo clarifies that there is a decryption system. You’ll need to convert the “Open Sesame Seed” password into numbers. The third note, located on a desk in the northeast corner of the room, gives a head start by instructing you to enter “8-22-8-26-14-22” into the middle terminal.

To decrypt the rest of the password, examine the blackboard in the western corner of the lab. It depicts each letter of the alphabet converted into a corresponding number. The pattern is straightforward, counting down from 26. For example, B is 25, C is 24, and Z is 1.

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Using this decryption system, you can convert “Open Sesame Seed” into a numerical code. Here’s the full passcode for your convenience:

  • Panel One: 12-11-22-13 (Open)
  • Panel Two: 8-22-8-26-14-22 (Sesame)
  • Panel Three: 8-22-22-23 (Seed)

Once you’ve entered the codes into the terminals, just hit the red button to open the storeroom and collect your herbicide.

“Out of the Blue” is just one of the exciting new quests introduced in the Fallout 76 Steel Reign expansion. Bethesda has shared more details about the update and its hopes to encourage players to give the game a second chance. Additionally, there are hints about the upcoming Pitt expansion set to arrive in 2022.

Now armed with this knowledge, dive back into the world of Fallout 76 and conquer the “Out of the Blue” quest!