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The Tesla Supercharger Hack: Cut Your Road Trip Stopping Time In Half

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Are you planning a road trip in your Tesla? If so, there’s a little-known hack that can significantly reduce your charging time and make your journey more efficient. In this article, we’ll explore the Tesla Supercharger hack that allows you to cut your road trip stopping time in half.

The Key to Faster Charging

When it comes to charging your Tesla at a Supercharger station, the key is to take advantage of the optimal charging speeds. The fastest charging occurs between 10% and 35% State of Charge (SoC), which is roughly a third of the total charge capacity. Charging beyond 50% is generally a waste of time unless there isn’t another Supercharger nearby.

The Strategy

To maximize your charging speed and minimize stopping time, follow this simple strategy:

  • Aim to arrive at the next Supercharger station with around 10% charge remaining. This not only allows for higher charging speeds but also ensures you never hit 0% before reaching the Supercharger accidentally.
  • Leave once the charging rate falls below 100kW, or 90kW if the next charger is farther away. At this point, you usually have around 60 or 70 miles of real-world range, and you’ve only been stopped for about 10 minutes.
  • While it’s beneficial to use the v3 Supercharger stations for their faster charging speeds, don’t prioritize them to the point where you waste more time trying to reach one. As the v3 network expands, this will become less of an issue.
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The Benefits of Short Charging Stops

Not only does the Tesla Supercharger hack save you time, but it also offers additional benefits:

  • Less need to calculate when the next bio break will be needed, allowing you to stay better hydrated without worrying about finding a restroom.
  • More frequent opportunities to walk around, reducing the dangers of drowsy driving and helping you stay alert.
  • Discovering fun and quirky places located near Supercharger stations, such as Olsen Run Winery & Food Truck in Harrisburg, OR.

In conclusion, for a better Tesla road trip experience, keep your charging stops short. By following this Tesla Supercharger hack, you can significantly reduce your stopping time, allowing you to reach your destination faster while enjoying the journey. So next time you plan a road trip in your Tesla, remember to optimize your charging strategy and make the most of your Supercharger stops.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the optimal charging range at a Tesla Supercharger station?

    • The optimal charging range is between 10% and 35% State of Charge (SoC).
  2. Why is it a waste of time to charge beyond 50% at a Supercharger station?

    • Charging beyond 50% at a Supercharger station is generally inefficient unless there is no other Supercharger nearby.
  3. Should I prioritize using the v3 Supercharger stations?

    • While v3 stations offer faster charging speeds, prioritize them only if it doesn’t significantly impact your overall travel time.


By following the Tesla Supercharger hack, you can make your road trips in a Tesla more efficient and enjoyable. Remember to plan your charging stops strategically and take advantage of the optimal charging speeds between 10% and 35% SoC. With shorter charging stops, you’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the journey. Safe travels!

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