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New GoodNotes 6 Update! All you need to know

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GoodNotes, a popular digital note-taking application, has recently unveiled its latest version: GoodNotes 6. This article provides an objective overview of the new features, improvements, and pricing structure introduced in this update.

Pricing Structure

GoodNotes 6 has introduced a new pricing model. Users can opt for a subscription at $9.99 US dollars annually or make a one-time purchase for $29.99 US dollars. There’s also a free version available, but it limits users to a maximum of three notebooks. For those who previously purchased GoodNotes 5, the company is offering tiered discounts based on the purchase date, ranging from 20% to 100% off. Detailed information about these discounts can be found on the GoodNotes website. Users who prefer not to upgrade can continue using GoodNotes 5 but won’t receive the new features and updates.

Features and Improvements

User Interface

GoodNotes 6 boasts a revamped and streamlined user interface optimized for enhanced usability. The new sidebar provides quick access to various sections, including documents, search, and the marketplace. The toolbar icons have been redesigned to be rounder and more visually appealing.

Writing Gestures

The writing experience in GoodNotes has been further refined with new gestures:

  • Scribble to Erase: Quickly erase mistakes by scribbling them out without switching to the eraser tool.
  • Circle to Lasso: Encircle content to move it around the page without selecting the lasso tool.
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Math Conversion

Convert handwritten math equations into font. This feature will also be added to GoodNotes 5.

AI Writing Aids

GoodNotes 6 introduces AI-powered writing aids:

  • Spell Check: As you write, misspelled words are underlined in red. Tapping the word offers a correct spelling in AI-generated handwriting that matches your style.
  • Word Complete: If you pause while writing a word, the app suggests its completion in AI-generated handwriting.

Custom Template Library

Users can access a variety of templates, from lined to graph paper, and customize them in terms of size, shape, background, and line color.

Folder Customization

Organize notes by changing folder colors and adding personalized icons.

In-App Marketplace

Subscribers gain access to exclusive content and discounts. The marketplace offers digital stationery, stickers, study notes, and interactive exam practices for public exams like SATs and math prep courses.

Upcoming Features

GoodNotes has hinted at more features in the pipeline, including password-protected notebooks, a pencil tool, and internal links between pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I upgrade from GoodNotes 5 to GoodNotes 6?

    • Yes, you can upgrade from GoodNotes 5 to GoodNotes 6. The company is offering tiered discounts based on the purchase date.
  2. What is the pricing structure for GoodNotes 6?

    • GoodNotes 6 offers a subscription option at $9.99 US dollars annually or a one-time purchase option for $29.99 US dollars. There’s also a free version available with limitations.
  3. What are the new features in GoodNotes 6?

    • GoodNotes 6 introduces a revamped user interface, new writing gestures, math conversion, AI writing aids, a custom template library, folder customization, and an in-app marketplace.
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In conclusion, GoodNotes 6 offers a blend of a user-friendly interface, powerful writing capabilities, organizational features, and customization options. It caters to a diverse audience, from students and professionals to creative individuals. Whether or not to upgrade to this new version is a decision users will make based on their individual needs and preferences.

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