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hbo max won't let me sign in

I am a subscriber to regular HBO, purchased and managed through Roku. Today, I encountered several issues when trying to access HBO Max. In an attempt to resolve the problem, I canceled my current HBO subscription and created a new account for HBO Max with a different email address. However, when I reinstalled the HBO Max channel on Roku, it automatically logged me in with my old HBO account credentials instead of prompting me for new sign-in information. Despite my efforts to sign out and sign back in with the new HBO Max account, I could not access a sign-in screen. This situation is frustrating, and I’m unsure about what to do next.

Troubleshooting HBO Max on Roku

I have attempted various troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Signing out and signing back in with my new HBO Max account.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO Max channel on Roku.
  • Rebooting both of my Roku devices.
  • Using the HBO Max phone app to sign out all devices and waiting for the required 4-hour period.

Unfortunately, none of these attempts have been successful. The Roku rarely offers the option to sign out, and when it does, it automatically logs me back in with my old HBO account credentials. I even fear that after my original HBO subscription expires on 12/20, HBO Max will present a message asking me to renew my subscription, potentially leaving me with multiple HBO Max accounts or no access to HBO Max on Roku.

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Seeking a Solution

At this point, all I want is a sign-in screen for HBO Max on Roku. I am hopeful that after my original HBO subscription expires, HBO Max will allow me to log in with my new HBO Max account. However, I am uncertain if this will be the case or if I will encounter further issues. I have tried various troubleshooting methods, but none have provided a satisfactory solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is HBO Max automatically logging me in with my old HBO account credentials on Roku?
A: It seems that despite creating a new HBO Max account, the Roku device automatically uses the credentials from the old HBO account. This issue prevents users from signing in with their new HBO Max account on Roku.

Q: How can I access a sign-in screen for HBO Max on Roku?
A: Currently, it is unclear how to access a sign-in screen for HBO Max on Roku if the device automatically logs you in with your old HBO account credentials. Users are advised to contact Roku support or HBO Max customer service for further assistance in resolving this issue.

Q: Will my new HBO Max account work on Roku after my original HBO subscription expires?
A: It is uncertain whether the new HBO Max account will function on Roku after the original HBO subscription expires. There is a possibility that HBO Max may present a message asking users to renew their HBO subscription instead of allowing them to log in with the new account. Users are advised to monitor their accounts and contact HBO Max or Roku support for guidance.

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The issue of being unable to access a sign-in screen for HBO Max on Roku is both frustrating and perplexing. Despite efforts to troubleshoot the problem, users continue to experience automatic login with their old HBO account credentials. This issue requires further investigation and assistance from Roku and HBO Max support teams. If you are grappling with a similar problem, it is recommended to reach out to these support teams for guidance and resolution.

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