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Grounded: Finding the Hedge Lab and the Hedge Lab Password

Near the beginning of your tiny adventure in Grounded, you’re tasked with finding the Hedge Lab and the Hedge Lab password in the southeast of the Yard.

Be sure to pack plenty of food and supplies since your trip will likely span over a couple of days. Plus, you will also be engaging in a fair amount of combat. If you’re playing on anything other than mild difficulty, we’d recommend crafting a level 2 weapon like an Ant Club.

When you’re ready, set off from the Mysterious Machine to the southeast and be wary of dangerous wildlife.

Where to Find the Hedge Lab in Grounded

Helpfully, Grounded puts a map marker on the Hedge Lab chip you’re trying to find. However, it’s nowhere near how you actually get into the Hedge Lab.

Rather than the marker, you need to go to the “Hedge Lab Ascent” to the southwest of the marker.

It’s next to a paperclip. Take the root up to the field station, then take a right up again.

Hedge Lab Ascent
The way to get into the Hedge Lab is actually in the southwestern part of the Hedge

Watch out for Spiderlings, then continue forward towards the mushrooms and take a right towards the juice box.

Next to the juice box, slide down the zipwire, then climb up the roots to the left to get to the disused lab there. Defeat the robots inside, grab the goodies from the chest and scattered notes and diaries, then continue through the lab.

On the other side of the door, grab some more goodies and another note – then pull the lever.

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This turns on all of the resources surveyors at field stations.

Your next goal is to continue northeastwards, going along all the rest of the zipwires until you reach the proper hedge lab.

Continue following the wires eastwards and you will come across different parts of the hedge lab.

Inside the second part, you find more notes, more granola bars, and more raw science, as well as a SCAB theme.

Turn around and head north past the spider webs and mushrooms to get to another zipwire, which takes you over to a frisbee. Walk across it, then take the zipline to the small lab section where you defeat some spiderlings and grab some stuff.

Out of the other side of the lab piece, you need to take an immediate left out of the door, then walk up the branch until you reach a leaf on your right. Climb onto the leaf and continue over to the narrow branches until you get to the final zipwire.

Inside the hedge lab, mash the buttons on the keyboard to start.

You then need to find four pieces of a password to get into the area with the super chip. And remember, when you find a piece of the password, you need to go up to it and collect it, not just read it.

How to Find the Hedge Lab Password in Grounded

From the computer, bear right and go through the tunnel past the spider webs. Hit them with an axe to open the door. Be aware, inside this next room, you will have to take on an Orb Weaver Jr and two spiderlings – if you’re underprepared or just don’t fancy going through this all again, you might want to switch difficulty to mild.

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Through the door, you come out in a larger lab with the first piece of the password on the far side.

After you’ve grabbed it, then turn around and look for a zipwire in the opposite corner. It zips down to another piece of the password, but there’s a berry in your way.

Zip down it anyway, and you will land on a leaf under the berry. Jump up and swing an axe at the berry to make it fall, then edge along the thin branches to get back to the room where you first entered.

Make your way back to that zipwire and prepare to face another Orb Weaver Jr, then grab the second password piece.

To the left of the password piece, hit the webbed door with an axe and go through. On the other side, look across from the web sacs out of the broken wall. Above you is a zipwire going down to the left.

Watch out for robots patrolling the corridors here.

Ride down it and you find a dark room with the third piece of the password.

With that piece in hand, your next task is to get back into the lab. Back at the zipwire you rode in on, look down and a little to the right for the lit-up door to the lab – this is where you are trying to get back to.

Drop down onto the leaves, branches, and toadstools, and it’s not that difficult to navigate back there.

Follow the tunnel back up into the lab, and you’re back at the web sacs you took the zipline next to before. This time, take the corridor up.

At the top, take the left-hand fork into the webbed corridor, slashing your way through when you’re stuck.

Follow the dark tunnel up until you reach the storage room and grab any supplies you like.

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Next to the supplies is another zipline. Take it down and let go when you reach the building with an open hatch on top of it. If you miss the hatch, it’s no big deal to hop across a couple of leaves and branches back to it.

Drop through the hatch, and be ready to fight a ton of spiderlings. But once they’re defeated, you’ve found the final piece of the password!

Take the tunnel down in front of you, hack open the door, and you will find yourself in the first lab you came to.

Walk straight forward through the door on the other side of the room, and you’re back at the password terminal.

Log in, then grab the Hedge Super Chip from the desk in the room behind you.

You’re now free to return to BURGL with the good news by any means you wish, then continue with your adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the Hedge Lab in Grounded?
A: The Hedge Lab is located in the southeast of the Yard. Look for the “Hedge Lab Ascent” to the southwest of the map marker.

Q: How do I find the Hedge Lab password in Grounded?
A: To find the Hedge Lab password, explore the lab and collect the password pieces scattered throughout. Be prepared to face challenges and defeat enemies along the way.


Finding the Hedge Lab and the Hedge Lab password is an exciting and challenging part of the Grounded adventure. By following the directions and collecting the password pieces, you’ll be able to access the super chip and continue your journey.

For more information and updates on Grounded, visit Eireview – Extractive Industries Review.

Stay safe, and happy exploring!