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Eireview – Protecting Your Online Security

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Have you ever wondered about the security of your online accounts? With the increasing number of data breaches and leaks, it’s crucial to stay informed and take necessary measures to protect your personal information. In this article, we will discuss a recent incident involving SanrioTown, a popular online platform, to highlight the importance of online security and provide you with tips to safeguard your accounts.

SanrioTown Database Leak

A security researcher, Chris Vickery, recently discovered a misconfigured database containing 3.3 million SanrioTown accounts. The leaked information included personal details like full names, birthdays, gender, country of origin, email addresses, password hashes, password hints, and more. While the passwords were encrypted using SHA-1, an encryption algorithm considered weak by some experts, SanrioTown has since secured the leak.


Protecting Your Accounts

In light of this incident, it is essential to take steps to protect your accounts and personal information. Here are some recommendations to enhance your online security:

  • Change Your Passwords: If you have a SanrioTown account, or if you use identical or similar passwords across multiple sites, it is advisable to change them immediately. Creating strong, unique passwords for each account can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Many online platforms offer the option of enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). By enabling 2FA, you add an extra layer of security that requires a second verification step, such as a unique code sent to your mobile device, when logging in.

  • Regularly Monitor Your Accounts: Check your online accounts frequently for any suspicious activities. If you notice any unauthorized access attempts or unfamiliar actions, report them immediately to the platform’s support team.

  • Educate Children about Online Security: If your children have SanrioTown accounts or use any other online platforms, it’s crucial to educate them about online security. Teach them about the importance of strong passwords, safe browsing habits, and the risks associated with sharing personal information online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my personal information at risk if I have a SanrioTown account?
A: The leaked database contained personal information of SanrioTown users, including their full names, birthdays, email addresses, and more. It is advisable to change your password and monitor your account for any suspicious activities.

Q: What encryption method was used for the leaked passwords?
A: The passwords were encrypted using SHA-1, which is considered potentially weak. It is recommended to change your password and use a strong, unique one for each online account.

Q: How can I enhance the security of my online accounts?
A: Changing passwords regularly, enabling two-factor authentication, and monitoring your accounts for suspicious activities are effective ways to enhance your online security.


Protecting your online security is crucial in today’s digital landscape. The recent incident involving SanrioTown serves as a reminder that no platform is immune to data breaches. By following the recommended steps, such as changing passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and educating yourself and your children about online security, you can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your personal information. Stay vigilant and prioritize your online security to ensure a safe digital experience.

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