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How to Disable Samsung Free on Your Galaxy Device

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy user, you may have come across Samsung Free – the all-in-one news aggregator, streaming, and gaming service. While it offers quick access to entertainment and information, it’s understandable that not everyone wants it on their home screen. If you’re looking to disable Samsung Free, we’ve got you covered.

Disabling Samsung Free

Samsung Free comes preinstalled on all Galaxy devices running Android 11 or the One UI 3 update. Unfortunately, it cannot be uninstalled, but you can easily disable it from appearing on your home screen. Follow these simple steps:

How to get rid of Samsung Free?

Step 1: On your home screen, either long-press on an empty portion of the screen or pinch the screen with two fingers.

Step 2: Swipe right until you reach the Samsung Free page. You may need to swipe right a few times to find it.

How to get rid of Samsung Free?

Step 3: Once on the Samsung Free page, tap the toggle button at the top to disable it.

After disabling Samsung Free, you won’t see the Samsung Free page when swiping to the leftmost home screen. If you decide to use it again in the future, simply repeat the above steps and toggle it back on. Note that if you have an older Galaxy device with Android 10 or below, you may have Samsung Daily instead of Samsung Free, but you can still disable or enable it following the same steps.

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Switching to Google Discover

If you own a Galaxy device released in 2021, you have the option to replace Samsung Free with Google Discover on your home screen. Google Discover is a powerful news aggregator service available on Android devices. Here’s how you can switch between Samsung Free and Google Discover:

  1. Open your settings and navigate to the home screen settings.

  2. Look for the option to change your home screen feed and select Google Discover.

By switching to Google Discover, you won’t have access to free TV channels or games, but you’ll enjoy one of the best news aggregators available on Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I uninstall Samsung Free from my Galaxy device?
A: Samsung Free is a stock app that cannot be uninstalled, but you can disable it from appearing on your home screen.

Q: How do I re-enable Samsung Free?
A: To re-enable Samsung Free, follow the same steps mentioned above and toggle it back on.

Q: What is Google Discover?
A: Google Discover is a news aggregator service available on Android devices. It provides personalized news and content based on your interests.


With the above steps, you can easily disable Samsung Free on your Galaxy device and replace it with Google Discover if desired. Enjoy a clutter-free home screen and customize your device to your preferences. Remember, technology should always work for you, and with Eireview, we strive to keep you informed about the latest trends in the tech world. Stay tuned for more helpful guides and information.

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