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How Anger Management Classes Can Improve Your Life

We’ve all experienced situations or encountered people who trigger our inner Hulk, forcing us to react in unhealthy and explosive ways. While the initial onset of anger is often uncontrollable and natural, it’s crucial for us to learn how to express and manage our emotions in a healthy manner. This is where anger management classes come in, providing us with the necessary practice and guidance to control our anger effectively.

Anger management classes are designed to help individuals recognize the common triggers of their anger, accurately identify their emotions, and implement effective coping mechanisms. By doing so, these classes enable people to manage their emotions and express them in healthy ways, leading to peaceful and positive outcomes in both personal and professional relationships.

Understanding the Cost of Anger Management Programs

The cost of anger management classes varies depending on a person’s needs and preferences. Each program is tailored to address different aspects of anger management, catering to the specific concerns of individuals. Factors such as program length, comprehensiveness, and nature contribute to the variation in pricing.

For example, there are programs designed to address anger issues stemming from past traumas, while others focus on managing anger in the workplace or due to excessive stress. The cost of anger management classes reflects the different programs and modules included, ranging from under $70 to over $500.

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An In-depth Breakdown of Anger Management Class Costs

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect in terms of cost and content when enrolling in anger management classes:

  • Hours: Pricing: Tables Of Contents
    • Note: Most courses include an anger management assessment and a certificate of completion.

Depending on the severity of your anger issues or specific triggers you may have, you can choose a course that addresses your concerns most effectively. These programs employ a relaxed narration style combined with easy-to-follow visuals to enhance comprehension. Some classes may also include quizzes at the end. Upon completing the course, you will receive a PDF certificate of completion, with the option to receive a hard copy by mail within 2 to 3 business days.

Anger Management Classes for Teenagers

Teenagers often face numerous anger-related challenges as they navigate through a period of self-discovery and hormonal changes. It’s crucial for them to learn how to manage and control their anger in healthy ways. There are specially designed online courses that cater to the unique needs of troubled teenagers.

The cost of anger management classes for teenagers varies based on specific concerns and areas of focus. One recommended program is a comprehensive 12-hour anger management class priced at $129. This program covers various aspects such as conflicts, bullying, emotional intelligence, communication skills, negotiation, stress management, and resiliency. It equips young teens with the necessary tools to recognize and regulate their emotions through effective coping mechanisms.

Whether it’s for personal reasons, specific circumstances, or court or school mandates, this program proves to be highly effective for teenagers.

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Group Anger Management Classes

Anger management classes are available in both group and individual settings, each with its own advantages. Individual classes allow for a closer relationship with the instructor, providing a space to share personal experiences and feelings. On the other hand, group classes offer insight into other people’s experiences, creating a support network to rely on.

Group anger management classes also serve as a valuable resource for those court-ordered to attend anger management training or individuals struggling with anger and rage issues in their professional lives. Athletes, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and others who may experience triggers in their workplace environments can benefit from these classes, as they provide an opportunity to practice anger management techniques in a controlled setting.

The cost of group anger management classes depends on the desired group size, calculated accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are anger management classes worth the cost?

A: Absolutely. Anger management classes are an investment in your future mental health and strong relationships with those around you. Uncontrolled anger can negatively impact your mental well-being and harm your loved ones. Taking the necessary steps to address and regulate anger is vital.

Q: What anger management class is recommended for teenagers?

A: We recommend the 12-hour online anger management class designed specifically for teenagers. This program tackles common issues faced by young teens, such as conflicts and bullying, and equips them with effective anger management tools.


Anger management classes are a valuable investment in your well-being and personal growth, enabling you to control and express your emotions in healthy ways. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, there are courses tailored to address your specific needs. Explore the options available, choose a program that resonates with you, and embark on a journey towards better anger management and a more positive life.

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To learn more about anger management and the programs available, visit Eireview and take control of your emotions today.