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How to Bypass the Administrator on School Chromebook?

If you want to bypass the administrator on your school Chromebook, you may encounter some difficulties. However, we understand that you have valid reasons for wanting to bypass the administrator, such as accessing blocked websites for educational purposes. In this article, we will discuss different methods to help you bypass the administrator on your school Chromebook.

Method #1: Switching to Developer Mode

how to bypass administrator on school chromebook

The safest method to bypass the administrator on your school Chromebook is to switch to developer mode. However, it’s important to note that this method may have some limitations. Before starting the process, ensure that there are no flash drives or memory drives connected to your Chromebook.

To switch to developer mode, follow these steps:

  • Press the ESC + REFRESH + POWER buttons on your Chromebook simultaneously. The refresh button is usually the 4th button from the left.
  • Then, press CTRL + D.
  • Next, press the SPACE or “spacebar” key on your Chromebook. In some cases, you may need to press the Enter key instead of the spacebar.

Note: Once you press the SPACE key or Enter key, your Chromebook will enter Developer mode. Do not turn off your Chromebook during this process, as it may cause complications.

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It’s important to mention that some school Chromebooks have developer mode disabled by the administrator. If you encounter this issue, proceed to the next method.

Method #1: Alternative Approach

If your Chromebook indicates that the developer mode is blocked, try the following steps:

  • Press the Esc + Refresh + Power buttons without turning off the Chromebook.
  • Then, press Ctrl + D and press the Spacebar (or Enter on some Chromebooks). Repeat this process until it works.

Note: If the alternative method doesn’t work after several attempts, refrain from repeating the process as it may cause damage to your BIOS.

Method #2: Risky but Effective

If the above methods do not work, there is an alternative method that involves some risks. Proceed with caution as this method may void your Chromebook’s warranty.

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your Chromebook and flip it upside down to unscrew the back cover.
  2. Unscrew the battery from the Chromebook and unplug the power cord connecting the motherboard to the battery.

Note: If you’re unsure about the location of the cord, do not proceed further.

  1. Open the device and press the Power button for approximately 30 seconds. This will bypass the administrator on your school Chromebook.
  2. Reassemble your Chromebook by putting the battery back and connecting the power cord to the motherboard.
  3. Close the lid and screw it properly.
  4. Power on your Chromebook and press the Esc + Refresh + Power button.
  5. If the first boot takes longer than usual (around 10 minutes), don’t worry. Proceed by pressing Ctrl + D when you see the dialog box saying “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” to enter developer mode.
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Now that we have covered different methods to bypass the administrator on a school Chromebook, let’s provide some additional information.

What is Developer Mode on Chromebook?

Developer Mode on a Chromebook allows you to access the system files and customize your device, similar to root access on an Android phone or jailbreaking an iPhone. It grants you the freedom to modify your Chromebook and even change its operating system.

Who is the Administrator of the School Chromebook?

The administrator of the school Chromebook is typically the IT personnel who set up the device and provided it to you. To check the administrator of your Chromebook, go to Security and Privacy > Device Administrators and verify the admin’s name.

Why is Developer Mode Blocked by Default?

Chromebooks come with developer mode blocked by default to prevent users from making unauthorized changes to the system files or unintentionally causing damage. This ensures the stability and security of the Chromebook’s environment.

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Although bypassing the administrator on a school Chromebook may have its challenges, using the methods outlined in this article can help you gain access to websites and resources that have been blocked. Remember to use these methods responsibly and respect your school’s policies.