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How to Capture Moving Photos With Polaroid Swing

We’ve seen a number of great implementations of animated photos on both Android and iOS. From Apple’s Live Photos to Instagram’s Boomerang feature, there’s no shortage of options for capturing and sharing moving photos. Among these, Polaroid Swing is a fun new app that takes animated photos to the next level.

What does Polaroid Swing offer?

Polaroid Swing is similar to live photos or Boomerang, allowing you to capture animated photos. However, photos captured with Swing feature a one-second video that becomes visible when you tilt your device or drag your finger across the screen horizontally. Tilt or swipe to the right to see the animation as it is, and tilt or swipe to the left to see the movements in reverse.

Polaroid Swing photo

Additionally, the photos captured by Polaroid Swing are of excellent quality. The app captures 60 frames per second and adds extra frames to add depth to the picture.

Set up Polaroid Swing and capture moving photos

  1. Install the free Polaroid Swing app on your iPhone. Upon opening the app for the first time, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful welcome screen with a moving picture. Sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or email account.

  2. After signing up, the app will ask for some permissions. You’ll then be taken to the main page of the app, featuring three tabs at the bottom: Highlights, Camera, and Profile. There’s also a Search button at the top right for finding people and tags.

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Polaroid Swing homepage and search

  1. Head to the Camera tab to start capturing moving pictures. Tap on “Polavision” to explore different filters such as Ansel, Land, and Santa Fe. To capture a moving photo, tap the capture button while the subject is in motion. After taking a photo, you can still change the filters and adjust the movement. Tap the arrow button to post the picture.

Take Moving Photos with Swing

  1. In the share page, you can add captions, hashtags, and more before posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Swing’s own network.

  2. All your shared photos can be found in the Profile tab. Here, you can also check your notifications, followers, and the people you are following. The Settings page allows you to edit your profile picture, add details, link Facebook or Twitter accounts, seek help, log out, or delete your account.

Polaroid Swing Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Polaroid Swing differ from other animated photo apps?

A: Polaroid Swing offers one-second videos that can be seen by tilting or swiping the screen. It captures high-quality photos with additional frames for added depth.

Q: Is Polaroid Swing available for Android?

A: Currently, Polaroid Swing is only available for iPhone. The Android version is expected to be released soon.


Polaroid Swing is an exciting app that allows you to capture moving photos in a unique and interactive way. Although there are many similar apps available, Polaroid Swing’s features and high-quality results make it worth checking out. Download the app and start capturing your own mesmerizing moving pictures today! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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