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How to Easily Change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell or Ring Camera

The Ring Doorbell and other Ring Cameras provide 24/7 surveillance of the area outside your home. But to do this, they need a constant Wi-Fi connection. Whether you’ve run into connection issues, changed your Wi-Fi password, or need to reconnect for any other reason, here’s how you can make sure your Ring devices are connected to the internet.

How to Change Your Ring Device’s Wi-Fi Network

You can easily change the Wi-Fi network on your Ring Doorbell or Camera in the Ring app:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner. Menu in Ring App
  3. Select “Devices.” Select Devices
  4. Select your Ring Doorbell or Ring Camera. Select the device
  5. Tap “Device Health.” Device health in ring app
  6. Choose “Change Wi-Fi Network.” Select change wifi
  7. Stand next to the doorbell or camera and put it in setup mode. I’ll discuss how to do this on all Ring devices down below.
  8. After following the prompts, you will be able to choose your desired Wi-Fi network.
  9. Enter the network password and press “Continue.” The device will connect and you should be all set!

Note: Your Wi-Fi network password cannot have any special characters in it to connect it to your Ring Doorbell.

If you’re still having trouble with your Ring device’s internet connection, check out our list of troubleshooting tips.

How to Enter Setup Mode on Ring Devices

You must manually put your Ring Doorbell or Camera in setup mode to change the Wi-Fi network.

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You can do this before you start the process in the Ring app, or when the app prompts you.

The way you put your Ring device in setup mode depends on which model you have:

  • Ring Video Doorbell: Remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket and press the orange button on the back of the doorbell. Do not hold the button down.
  • Ring Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, and Elite: Remove the faceplate from the doorbell. Then, press the black button on the front of the device.
  • Ring Doorbell Pro: Press the button on the right side of the doorbell.
  • Ring Peephole Camera: Quickly press and release the button on the interior side of the door.
  • Ring Indoor Cam: Press the setup button on the top of the camera.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam: Press the orange button underneath the back cover.

With the device in setup mode, you can follow the instructions on your Ring App to start connecting your Ring Device to your Wi-Fi network.

My Ring Camera Won’t Go Into Setup Mode

If your Ring Doorbell or Camera won’t go into setup mode, you may need to perform a hard reset:

  1. Hold down the setup button for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Wait at least five minutes for the doorbell to restart.

Only perform a hard reset if necessary, as this will erase all your settings and you’ll have to set your Doorbell or Camera up like new again.

There are some colors you will see during the setup process. Here’s what they mean.

What Wi-Fi Frequency Should I Use for a Ring Device?

Many Wi-Fi routers have two frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. A 2.4 GHz network has a larger range, but a slower speed, than a 5 GHz network.

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When choosing a Wi-Fi network for your Ring Doorbell, you may see both frequencies listed as separate networks.

The table below will tell you which frequency is best for your particular Doorbell or Camera:

Ring Device Best Frequency
Ring Doorbell 2.4 GHz
Ring Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, Elite 2.4 GHz
Ring Doorbell Pro 2.4 GHz
Ring Peephole Camera 2.4 GHz
Ring Indoor Cam 2.4 GHz
Ring Stick Up Cam 2.4 GHz

If you have a Ring device that can use either frequency and a dual-band Wi-Fi router, you can choose which frequency you want to use. Try to use whichever one has fewer devices connected to it.

But, for the fastest and strongest connection possible, use the 5GHz frequency and add a Ring Chime Pro.

Why Change the Wi-Fi on the Ring Doorbell?

If you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your Wi-Fi network name or password for any reason, you will need to update your Wi-Fi network in the Ring app.

You may also need to manually reconnect your Ring to Wi-Fi if the doorbell loses its connection and can’t reconnect on its own.

You can reconnect manually using the same steps for changing the Wi-Fi network.

Lastly, if your power goes out temporarily, you can use your phone’s hotspot to keep your Ring Doorbell functioning. Just turn your hotspot on in your phone’s settings and connect to it in the Ring app like you would a regular Wi-Fi network.

Keep in mind that using your phone’s hotspot may use phone data, so it’s recommended to check the details of your phone plan before using your hotspot for your Ring Doorbell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ring Chime Boost Wi-Fi?

A Ring Chime does not boost your Wi-Fi connection. The Chime itself is only a speaker system that you can easily connect to any type of Ring Doorbell.

The Ring Chime Pro, on the other hand, will not necessarily boost your Wi-Fi connectivity, but it will extend the signal further into your home.

Where Should I Place My Ring Chime or My Ring Chime Pro?

Because the Ring Chime does not boost or extend your Wi-Fi network, you can place it anywhere in your home you need to hear the Doorbell from.

If you use a Ring Chime Pro, be sure to place it near your Wi-Fi router and away from devices that can cause interference. You can also use the Ring Chime Pro’s Placement Test to find the best place to put it.

Can Ring Doorbells and Cameras Use an Ethernet Connection?

Currently, the only two Ring devices that support an ethernet connection are the Ring Doorbell Elite and the Stick Up Cam Elite.


Changing the Wi-Fi on your Ring Doorbell or Ring Camera is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your devices stay connected to the internet. Whether you’re troubleshooting connection issues or simply updating your Wi-Fi network, the Ring app provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your Ring devices. Ensure that you follow the instructions for entering setup mode correctly, and consider the best Wi-Fi frequency for optimal performance. With these tips, you’ll be able to maintain a reliable connection and maximize the functionality of your Ring devices.