Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Wifi on Samsung AI Smart Things Washing Machine 2021

Today, we will guide you through the process of connecting your Samsung washing machine to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control it remotely using the Samsung SmartThings app. With this convenient feature, you can manage your laundry from the comfort of your couch or anywhere else you may be. So let’s get started and transform your washing experience!

Selecting the Extras Menu

Before we dive into the Wi-Fi setup, ensure that your washing machine is turned on and functioning. Locate the extras menu on the control panel of your washing machine. This button is represented by a little HAND icon. Press and hold this button for three seconds to access the system’s functions.

Enabling Wi-Fi on the Washing Machine

Once you access the system’s functions, navigate to the Wi-Fi option. Use the control dial to highlight the Wi-Fi option and turn it on. If it is already enabled, you can turn it off by pressing the highlighted off button. Confirm that the Wi-Fi is turned on, as indicated by the “on” status.

Downloading the Samsung SmartThings App

To control your washing machine through your phone, you will need to download the Samsung SmartThings app. Head over to the app store on your phone or tablet and search for “SmartThings.” Download and install the app to proceed with the setup process.

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Setting up a Samsung Account

Open the SmartThings app and follow the on-screen prompts to create a Samsung account or log into your existing account. This step is necessary to establish a connection between your washing machine and the app. Simply enter your email and password to complete the account setup.

Adding the Washing Machine to the App

After logging in, the app may ask for two-step authentication for added security. Set up this feature if desired. Once you are inside the app, go back to your washing machine. Press and hold the key button with a phone and Wi-Fi signal icon for about three seconds. This will activate the auto pairing mode on the washing machine.

Return to the SmartThings app on your phone or tablet. Tap on the “Add Devices” button and select the “Washer” option from the list of available devices. Since we are connecting a Samsung washer, choose the Samsung washer icon.


  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • The auto-pairing mode simplifies the setup process.


  • Requires installation of the SmartThings app on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Connecting the Washing Machine to Wi-Fi

Allow the app to access your device’s location if prompted, as this can provide useful features such as monitoring the washing progress while you are away. Granting location access also allows the app to estimate the time remaining for the cycle to complete.

To establish a connection between the washing machine and the app, you need to connect your phone or tablet to the washing machine’s Wi-Fi network. In your device’s Wi-Fi settings, select the network that starts with “Washer.”

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Note: Remember the password displayed on the washing machine’s screen, typically a combination of the number 1 repeated five times and the number 2 repeated five times. This password is required to connect to the washing machine’s Wi-Fi network.

Once you are connected to the washer’s Wi-Fi network, return to the SmartThings app. The app will automatically detect the connected washing machine and prompt you to enter your home Wi-Fi network information. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password when prompted. This will save the Wi-Fi credentials to the washing machine for future connections.


  • Allows users to control the washing machine from anywhere using the SmartThings app.
  • Integration of home Wi-Fi network ensures seamless connectivity.


  • Requires users to switch between the app and device settings to connect to the washer’s Wi-Fi network.

Continue with the setup process by following the on-screen instructions in the SmartThings app. Once completed, you will have successfully connected your Samsung washing machine to Wi-Fi and can enjoy the convenience of remote control.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we will explore the various features and functions of the Samsung SmartThings app, making laundry management a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need the SmartThings app to connect my Samsung washing machine to Wi-Fi?
A: Yes, the SmartThings app is necessary to establish a connection and control your washing machine remotely.

Q: What if I forget the Wi-Fi network password for my washing machine?
A: The password is typically displayed on the washing machine’s screen. If you forget it, you may need to reset the network settings and set it up again.

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Q: Can I control the washing machine using voice commands?
A: Yes, the SmartThings app integrates with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control the washing machine with simple voice commands.


In conclusion, connecting your Samsung washing machine to Wi-Fi provides a range of advantages that enhance your laundry experience. By leveraging the Samsung SmartThings app, you gain remote control capabilities, allowing you to manage your laundry from anywhere. Additionally, the app offers seamless integration with voice assistants and customizable settings to cater to your unique preferences.

Embrace the convenience and flexibility offered by intelligent laundry management. With the power of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can save time, streamline your laundry routine, and optimize your washing machine’s performance. Upgrade your laundry experience today!