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Connecting a Tesla to WiFi: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you own a Tesla and want to know how to connect it to WiFi? Are you curious about the possibility of connecting your smartphone to your Tesla’s internet? In this article, we will provide answers to these questions and more, so keep reading.

How to Connect a Tesla to Home WiFi

Your Tesla comes with a mobile internet connection, but connecting it to WiFi is essential for downloading and installing software updates. These updates introduce new features and enhance existing ones, similar to updating applications on your phone. Here’s how you can connect your car to your home WiFi or any other WiFi network:

  1. On the touchscreen, tap the LTE icon to start searching for WiFi networks.
  2. Choose the WiFi network you want to connect to.
  3. Enter the password and confirm.
  4. Check if you are connected to the WiFi by looking for the WiFi icon.

how to connect to wifi on tesla

How to Connect a Tesla to a Hotspot

If you’re eager to download a software update and unable to wait until you reach a trusted WiFi network, you can use your smartphone as a hotspot. Most smartphones allow you to enable this feature. Follow these steps to turn on the hotspot:


  1. Go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot.
  2. Tap the switch to turn it on. You should see a screen like this:
    • Allow others to join.
    • Optionally, set up a password.
  3. Save the settings by going back to ‘Cellular.’
  4. Confirm that ‘Personal Hotspot’ is now ‘On.’
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  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap the Network & internet option.
  3. Select Hotspot & tethering.
  4. Tap on Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. This page allows you to turn the hotspot feature on and off.
  6. Follow the instructions to customize the hotspot feature according to your preferences.

Once you’ve enabled the hotspot on your smartphone, you can connect your Tesla to it by following the same steps you would for a WiFi network. Instead of choosing a WiFi network, select your phone’s name from the list of available networks.

Does Your Tesla Require an Internet Connection?

Your Tesla needs a WiFi or a secure internet connection for software updates. Additionally, Tesla cars come with basic internet connectivity for maps and navigation. However, if you wish to use advanced features like video and audio streaming services, satellite-view maps, or live traffic visualization, you’ll need premium connectivity.

Connecting a Smartphone to a Tesla

Unfortunately, you cannot connect a smartphone to a Tesla to use its internet connection as a hotspot. However, you can connect a phone to a Tesla via Bluetooth for features such as music casting. We’ll explore this topic in a future article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I connect my Tesla to any WiFi network?

    Yes, you can connect your Tesla to any WiFi network as long as you have the necessary credentials.

  • Are software updates for Tesla cars automatic?

    Tesla cars can receive automatic software updates if you have an internet connection available.

  • Is premium connectivity required for basic navigation?

    No, basic navigation functions do not require premium connectivity. However, advanced features like live traffic visualization do require premium connectivity.

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Connecting your Tesla to WiFi is crucial for software updates and accessing advanced features. Whether you’re connecting to your home WiFi or using your smartphone as a hotspot, following the provided steps will ensure a seamless connection process. Enjoy the benefits of an up-to-date and connected Tesla!

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