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Delete Your Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

We all strive to keep our LinkedIn accounts up to date and professional. However, sometimes we forget or are not even aware that we have another account floating around out there. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry! Here’s a simple guide on how to delete duplicate LinkedIn accounts.

The Problem of Duplicate LinkedIn Accounts

It happens more often than you might think – duplicate LinkedIn accounts are rampant. Whether you accidentally created a second account or simply forgot about one, it’s essential to address this issue and merge or delete the duplicate accounts.

How to Merge LinkedIn Accounts

Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not provide a straightforward option to merge accounts entirely. While they may assist in transferring connections from one account to another, they won’t touch your recommendations, work experience, pending invitations, or group memberships.

So, if you want to merge two accounts, the best approach is to do it manually. Alternatively, you can reach out to LinkedIn for help by contacting their support team. Provide them with the primary email addresses of all your accounts and specify which account you want to keep. However, if you prefer a DIY solution, keep reading.

How to Manually Merge LinkedIn Accounts

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To merge two LinkedIn accounts manually, follow these steps:

  1. Determine which account you want to keep and which account you will eventually delete. It’s recommended to keep the account with more connections.
  2. Log in to the account you will eventually delete.
  3. Export your connections list. Go to Contacts > Connections > Export Connections and save the CSV file.
  4. Save any sections of your LinkedIn profile that you wish to reuse. Go to Profile > Edit Profile, copy the relevant text, and paste it into a Word document.
  5. Document any recommendations you received. Head to Contacts > Recommendations, copy and paste the recommendations into a Word document for later use.
  6. Record the groups you belong to. Go to Groups > Your Groups and make a note of them.
  7. Process any emails in your LinkedIn Inbox.
  8. Finally, close your account. Go to Settings > Account > Close Your Account.

Now that you have recorded all the necessary information from your old account, it’s time to enter it into the LinkedIn account you want to keep.

  1. Log in to the LinkedIn account you are merging into.
  2. Upload your connections by going to Contacts > Add Contacts > Any Email > Upload Contacts. Select the CSV file you saved earlier.
  3. Paste your old profile information. Go to Profile > Edit Profile and either copy and paste the relevant text or consider hiring a LinkedIn profile writer to create a new profile.
  4. Request new recommendations. Head to Contacts > Recommendations and send a request to those who previously provided recommendations for your duplicate account. Include the old recommendation text so they can conveniently repost it.
  5. Join the groups you were a member of previously. Go to Groups > Group Directory and find the groups you had previously joined.
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Congratulations! You have successfully merged two LinkedIn accounts!

What if You Can’t Access Your Duplicate LinkedIn Account?

In case you are unable to log in to your duplicate LinkedIn account, try the following tips:

Tip #1

  1. Attempt to log in to LinkedIn using an old email address and your usual password.
  2. If the password is incorrect, select “Forgot Password.”
  3. If you receive an alert stating that the email address is incorrect, try other alternate email addresses you may have used.
  4. Check the inbox of your alternate email for a password reset email. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

Tip #2

If you still can’t figure out the right email address, try these steps:

  1. Log in to your main LinkedIn account.
  2. Perform a search for your duplicate account.
  3. If you are already connected with the duplicate account, open their profile and check the contact information. The email listed there is the one you used to register the account.
  4. Log out and try logging in again using that specific email address.

Tip #3

If none of the previously mentioned tips work, and you no longer have access to the old email address, don’t worry! You can contact LinkedIn Tech Support:

  1. Reach out to LinkedIn Tech Support.
  2. Provide them with the following information:
    • The URL of the profile you want to remove (e.g.,
    • The email address(es) associated with that account.
    • Your name as it appears on LinkedIn and any alternate names you may have used.
  3. Sit back and wait for a response. Please note that LinkedIn support may take some time to address tech support tickets.
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In Conclusion

Deleting duplicate LinkedIn accounts can be a simple process if you follow the right steps. By merging or deleting these accounts, you can ensure the accuracy and professionalism of your LinkedIn profile. So, take the time to clean up your accounts and make a strong impression in the professional world. Good luck!