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How to Factory Reset Nokia If Forgot Security Code or Password?

Nokia handsets come with a built-in security code that plays an important role in securing your phone’s information, contacts, and anything important. Changing the default code is vital for your phone’s security. However, people often forget the security code because they use it less frequently. If you’ve forgotten the Nokia security code, don’t worry! I have some methods that can help you unlock it.

What Is Nokia Factory Reset Code?

You can restore Nokia to its original factory settings using the default security code “12345.” This code works for Nokia 105, 3310, and other models. But if you’ve changed the default security code and forgotten it, you’ll need a Master reset code to reset the security code on Nokia. Once you have the Master reset code, you can use the following methods to perform a hard reset.

Remember! All these master codes require a default security code for the reset process confirmation.

1. Reset code

  • Grab your Nokia phone.
  • Dial the code *#7780#.
  • Type in the Nokia default security code 12345.

2. Factory reset code

  • Turn on your Nokia phone and go to the menu screen.
  • Press *#7370# or *#62209526#.
  • The phone will prompt you to “Erase and restore factory settings,” which will wipe off all data from your phone.
  • Press continue, and it will ask you for the security code.
  • Type the default code 12345.
  • Press OK, and it will perform a factory reset on your phone. It will automatically reboot after 30-40 seconds.
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How to Reset Nokia Keypad Security Code When Phone Locked?

If you want to reset your Nokia phone but the default security code doesn’t work, even if you haven’t set any security code in the past, you can take action. Follow this technique to unlock the Nokia security code swiftly.

Step 1: Turn off your device.

Step 2: Hold and press these buttons in the following sequence on classic-style phones:

  • Call button (green button)
  • Asterisk key (*)
  • Three (3)

As you press these keys simultaneously, a “Formatting” message will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Leave the keys and wait until the formatting is finished.

Once the process is completed, your phone will be just like new out of the box, and the Nokia security code will be set to the default 12345.

How to Reset Nokia Password/Pattern If Forgot?

While Nokia’s keypad handsets are locked by security codes, Android phones also encounter similar situations with PINs, passwords, or patterns. Screen locks protect your Android’s personal information, but it can be frustrating when you forget these locks. Luckily, there are various methods to bypass the Android lock screen. However, if you prefer a simple solution, you can use the Android unlocker tool iToolab UnlockGo (Android) to unlock your Nokia phone’s forgotten password or pattern.

Step 1: Connect Nokia smartphone

  • Open the tool on your Windows PC.
  • Choose the option “Unlock Screen Lock” and click the Start button on the next screen.
  • Connect your Nokia smartphone to your PC via USB cable.
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How to reset a Nokia phone that is locked

Step 2: Device authorization

  • UnlockGo (Android) will ask for your phone brand to run the process accordingly. Please select the correct mobile brand from the list and click Unlock to proceed.

Select the brand of Android device

Step 3: Enter your Nokia phone into Recovery mode

  • To enter Recovery Mode, press and hold down the Volume Up and Power keys together. Follow the hints on the screen.

Boot your Android device into Recovery Mode

Step 4: Unlocking process

  • Once your device is in Recovery mode, follow the on-screen steps carefully to unlock your locked Nokia phone.

Unlock Android Screen Locks

Step 5: Your Nokia unlocked

  • Congratulations! You now have full access to your Nokia phone. Restart your device and create a new password.

How to Reset Nokia Keypad Security Code From Settings Menu?

As mentioned earlier, your Nokia phone is equipped with a simple keypad security code (12345). However, anyone can use your phone with this default code. If you want to change it, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Settings option on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Security settings.

Step 3: Choose Change code.

Step 4: Enter the security code 12345 and press OK. If the phone accepts this code successfully, you can reset the Nokia security code.

Step 5: Now, input the new security code and press OK. A prompt will appear on your screen confirming that your Security code has changed.


Handling a locked Nokia phone, whether it’s a classic-style keypad phone or an Android phone, can be challenging. However, every problem has a solution. This article is a helping hand when it comes to hard resetting Nokia phones with or without a keypad security code.

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In addition to keypad phones, Nokia Android phones can be unlocked using a single tool called iToolab UnlockGo (Android). This tool doesn’t require any technical skills or passcodes to unlock your phone. It provides a hassle-free way to regain access to your Nokia phone.

Remember, if you encounter any issues, it’s always best to seek professional help or contact Nokia support directly.