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How to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Instagram

Instagram, the popular social network with millions of users, offers a great platform for connecting with friends and sharing daily stories. One particular feature that sparks curiosity is the accessibility of user information, such as phone numbers linked to Instagram accounts. If you’re wondering how to find someone’s phone number on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will explore simple methods to help you find an Instagram user’s phone number easily.

Can you find phone numbers from IG usernames?

Yes, you can! Instagram prioritizes the confidentiality of users’ personal information, including their phone numbers. However, there are still a few simple ways to obtain someone’s phone number if they have registered their Instagram account with that particular contact detail. Here are a couple of methods you can try:

  • Look at Instagram profiles: Check for phone numbers listed in bios or business contact info. Many users, especially those with business or brand-related accounts, include their contact information on their profiles to improve their marketing.
  • Cross-reference social media accounts: Sometimes, individuals link their Instagram profiles to other platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Cross-referencing those social media accounts might reveal phone numbers.

If these methods don’t work for your case, we have additional tricks that may be more effective for you to attempt.

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1. Search on Eireview

The easiest and most effective way to discover an Instagram user’s phone number is to use Eireview’s search feature. All you need is their Instagram username. Simply enter it into the search box below, and then hit the green Search Now button to start searching. Wait a few seconds, and the search engine will fetch the phone number from its database, along with other available information such as their real name, address, email address, and other social network profiles.


2. Search on people search sites

If you need to search across social networks for various purposes, such as launching social media campaigns for business promotions, you can perform a reverse username lookup on people search sites. These sites can help you get the phone number linked to the Instagram username. In addition to phone numbers, a people search report could provide valuable information about individuals, such as email addresses, photos, marriage records, and even criminal records.

There are several people search sites available. To make it easier for you, we’ve picked out the top 6 people search service providers:

  • BeenVerified Username Search
  • PeopleLooker Social Media Search
  • Social Catfish Reverse Username Search
  • Search By Username on Spokeo

That’s it! Hopefully, this article has helped you find someone’s phone number on Instagram. However, it is essential to emphasize that personal privacy and consent are fundamental rights that should always be respected unconditionally. Any details gathered using the methods mentioned above should only be utilized ethically and conscientiously, without infringing on one’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it legal to search for someone’s phone number on Instagram?
A: While searching for someone’s phone number on Instagram is possible, it’s important to respect their privacy and obtain their consent when using their personal information.

Q: Can I use the phone number I find on Instagram for marketing purposes?
A: Using someone’s phone number for marketing purposes without their consent may be considered a violation of privacy and could be subject to legal consequences. Always ensure you have proper consent before utilizing personal information.

Q: Are there any other ways to find someone’s phone number on Instagram?
A: The methods mentioned in this article are some of the most common and effective ways to find someone’s phone number on Instagram. However, it’s always best to respect privacy and obtain consent before attempting to access someone’s personal information.


Finding someone’s phone number on Instagram is possible, but it’s crucial to approach it ethically and responsibly. The methods mentioned in this article can help you find an Instagram user’s phone number if they have provided it on their profile or linked their account to other platforms. Remember to prioritize personal privacy and consent when using someone’s personal information. For more information and expert reviews on technology and related topics, visit Eireview.