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How to Find Your Friends on OnlyFans

Finding people over the internet is fairly easy these days, thanks to the excessive use of social networking sites. However, because OnlyFans gives a free hand to its users about anonymity, searching for OnlyFans accounts isn’t a straightforward task.

Search your friend by username:

If you know your friend’s username, the process that follows next is super easy. Just replace the word ‘username’ with that of your friend in the following URL:


The search engine crawlers will crawl into the database to look for accounts that match your search term.

If you don’t know your friend’s username, then try to use their real name instead. Here is what you have to do:

In the same URL mentioned above, type in your friend’s name in place of the word ‘username.’

You can try it once with the actual name and the next with a hyphen.

For eg:

Search your friend by their real name:

OnlyFans accounts are known for their high-profile censorship. Hence, searching for someone using their real name can be overwhelming, especially if the person has chosen to stay super anonymous.

Few third-party search engines such as OnlyFinder, OnlySearch, and FansMetric feature a search bar where you can type in your friend’s name. The website will display a list of profiles that match your keyword. Scrolling through the list to get to your desired person can be a tiring task.

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To save you some work, you can also filter your search by gender, profession, age, location, etc.

Search your friend by email address:

No luck with the name trick? Well, you still have a few more hacks until you decide to give up.

If you happen to know their email address, you can go for a trial and error method to find out whether they have an OnlyFans account or not. Here is how it works:

  • Open the main page of OnlyFans on your browser
  • Attempt to make a new account using your friend’s email ID
  • If the website says “email address already in use,” it means that your friend has an OnlyFans profile.

To look up for the account, you can alternatively use for their ‘reverse email lookup’ feature.

Simply enter the email in the given space and press ‘enter.’ Wait for the website to work its trick.

Go through the results and then click on the report once you find your subject

Scroll down to see if your friend has an OnlyFans account or not

Search your friend by phone number:

To search for your friend’s OnlyFans account, their phone number can act as a useful variable.

This trick can work in two ways:

  • Attempt to establish an account on OnlyFans using your friend’s phone number. This method is the same as that of the email address
  • Secondly, you can use the ‘reverse phone lookup’ feature on the social catfish website. Simply enter your friend’s contact number and then work your way through the results
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NOTE: Email addresses, as well as phone numbers, aren’t the best to find anyone on the internet. The reason is the fact that a single person can have multiple contact numbers and email IDs, and you might not know which one is currently in use.

Search your friend using pictures:

If the only data you have of your friend is a photograph, finding them on OnlyFans is still a possibility. Thanks to, its ‘reverse photo lookup’ can bring up the accounts associated with the provided photograph.

Search your friend using location:

Several search engines provide the option of searching people using their location as a data variable. This is rather an indirect way of finding your friend’s OnlyFans account and may not be very reliable.

OnlyFinder features the option ‘map’ beneath its search bar. Click on that and then type in the name of the city or town your friend lives in. The search engine will produce a list of OnlyFans accounts operating from that area. Scroll through the list to see your friend’s name. All of this can be a bit overwhelming.

You can also adjust the radius of the navigator for more precise results.

Search your friend using their social media:

Look up your friend’s social media accounts to see whether they have added any URL to their OnlyFans accounts in the bio section.

Many subreddits serve the purpose of uniting followers with their favorite OnlyFans artists. Type ‘OnlyFans’ in the search bar and scroll through different OnlyFans communities that can help you with your mission.

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The abovementioned hacks can help you in multiple ways to locate your friend’s account. You may, at times, also find yourself skimming through several profiles looking for clues to identify your friend.

If nothing brings you luck, the final thing you can do is to ask your friend-in-question directly for their OnlyFans URL (LOL).

NOTE: Search results for OnlyFans accounts can bring up many NSFW profiles which you might want to be careful about when out in the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for my friend on OnlyFans’ website?

Yes, you can look for your friend’s account on the website itself, provided that you already have a profile yourself. The rest of the process is much similar to that when using other search engines.

Can I search for my friend’s OnlyFans account on Twitter?

Twitter bans any activity or search related to OnlyFans. Hence, it is not a preferred platform for the purpose. You can use Instagram or Reddit instead.

Does OnlyFans contain only explicit content?

When the website came into being, several porn stars and amateurs began sharing the material of their interest on this platform. However, today, OnlyFans contains content of all kinds such as health, fitness, nutrition, workouts, modeling, cooking, etc. coupled with several NSFW posts.

Many celebrities and influencers are also part of OnlyFans.