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How to Share Blink Camera Access

how to give access to blink camera

Sharing Blink Camera Access is a crucial process for Blink camera owners who want to grant access to other individuals to view live feeds, receive alerts, and access recorded videos from their Blink camera system. If you lead a busy lifestyle, it makes perfect sense to give someone access to your Blink camera so that they can help ensure the safety of your home. So, how do you share Blink camera access?

How to share access to your Blink cameras

It is entirely possible to share access to your Blink cameras, and there are different ways to do that. Whatever your reasons, if you want to give someone access to your Blink cameras, you can use either of the following approaches:

Add your Blink account to their device

Your Blink camera system can be accessed from any mobile device where your Blink account is logged in. As such, an easy way to give someone access to your Blink camera is by adding your Blink account to their device. All you need to do is provide them with your email and password.

Once the new user has your email and password, they can follow these steps to gain access to your Blink camera:

  1. Download the Blink Home Monitor App from the app store.
    blink monitor app download

    • Use your Blink account credentials to sign in. An SMS message with a verification code will be sent to the phone number of the primary account holder.
    • Input the verification code on the new device (the smartphone of the person you’re giving access to your cam) and tap Verify. This should allow the new user to access all Blink devices associated with your account, including viewing your camera’s live feed and recorded footage.
  2. Add the other person as a user in the Blink App.
    manage devices on blink camera

    • Within the app, select the option “Manage Devices” to share access.
    • Enter the email address of the person you want to share access with (the secondary user).
    • The secondary user must have an existing Blink account. If they don’t, they can create one.
    • An invitation will be sent to the secondary user’s email. They need to log into their Blink account and accept the invitation to gain access.
  3. Share a link to your Blink camera.

    • Open your Blink app, go to the menu, and tap Devices.
    • Select the camera you want to share and choose Share Link.
    • Set the duration for how long you want the link to be active.
    • Copy the link and share it with the person you want to give access to your cameras.
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Where to find Blink account login credentials on the app

Finding Blink account login credentials within the app involves a specific set of steps. The Blink Home Monitor app does not display the full login credentials for security reasons. However, the app provides a pathway for users to retrieve or reset their credentials if needed.

Upon opening the Blink Home Monitor app, if you are not already logged in, you will see the login screen. If you have forgotten your credentials, look for the “Forgot Password” option or a similar phrase indicating assistance with account recovery. This option is typically located below the fields for entering the username and password.

Selecting the “Forgot Password” option will prompt you to enter the email address associated with your Blink account. After entering the email address, you will receive an email containing instructions for resetting your password.

The email will include a link to create a new password. Click on the link and follow the instructions to set a new password. Once you have set the new password, you can use your email address as the username and the newly created password to log into the Blink Home Monitor app.

What it means to share Blink camera access?

Sharing Blink camera access means granting permission to another individual, referred to as the secondary user, to view and control a Blink camera system that is initially set up and controlled by the primary user. The primary user is the person who originally installed and configured the Blink camera system and is typically the owner of the Blink account associated with the camera system.

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The process of sharing access involves the primary user authorizing the secondary user to access specific features of the Blink camera system. This authorization is managed through the Blink Home Monitor app, a mobile application that serves as the interface for controlling and monitoring Blink cameras. Within this app, the primary user can select options to manage account access, specifically designed for sharing purposes.

To share access, the primary user must know the email address associated with the secondary user’s Blink account. The Blink account is a registered user profile on the Blink system, necessary for both primary and secondary users to access and control the Blink camera system. The primary user enters the secondary user’s email address in the appropriate section of the Blink Home Monitor app, initiating the sharing process.

Upon entering the email address, the Blink system sends an invitation to the secondary user. This invitation is a digital request for access to the Blink camera system. The secondary user must then accept this invitation to gain access. Acceptance is done through the secondary user’s Blink account, where they can log in and approve the access request.

Once access is granted, the secondary user can view live feeds, access recorded videos, and receive alerts from the Blink cameras, depending on the permissions set by the primary user. Permissions are adjustable settings within the Blink system that the primary user configures to define the extent of access and control the secondary user has over the camera system. These permissions are important for maintaining privacy and security.

It is important to note that the primary user retains overall control of the Blink camera system and can modify or revoke the secondary user’s access at any time. This control is exercised through the Blink Home Monitor app, where the primary user can manage the list of individuals who have shared access and adjust their permissions as needed.

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What are the Benefits of sharing access to your security cameras?

Sharing access to security cameras offers several benefits. It extends the monitoring capabilities beyond just the primary user, allowing trusted individuals to view camera feeds and maintain surveillance. Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhanced security: Sharing access to security cameras broadens the surveillance coverage and increases the chances of detecting security breaches or emergencies.
  • Convenience: Secondary users can monitor camera feeds when the primary user is unavailable or preoccupied, ensuring continuous surveillance.
  • Collaborative approach to security: Sharing access fosters collaboration among multiple individuals, allowing them to coordinate efforts and respond to security incidents in real-time.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that trusted individuals are also keeping an eye on their property provides reassurance to the primary user, especially during absences like vacations or business trips.

It is important to note that while sharing access has these benefits, it also necessitates trust and responsible use of the camera feeds by all parties involved. The primary user has the responsibility to manage access permissions to maintain privacy and security while reaping the benefits of shared access.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sharing Blink camera access is a process that allows Blink camera owners to grant access to their Blink camera system to other individuals. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily share access to your Blink cameras with trusted individuals, enhancing security and convenience. Remember to manage access permissions and enjoy the benefits of shared access with peace of mind.

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