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How to Recover Deleted Files on Chromebook & Windows

Accidentally deleting important files can be a frustrating experience, especially when you don’t know how to retrieve them. Whether you’re using a Chromebook or Windows, there are methods available to help you recover deleted files and alleviate your worries. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Recovering Deleted Files on Chromebook

Solution 1: Recover deleted files on Chromebook by re-downloading

If you’ve previously downloaded a file on your Chromebook, you can try re-downloading it to restore it. Even if you delete the downloaded file, the path to the file remains intact.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and type “chrome://downloads” in the search bar, then press Enter to go to the Downloads page.

Step 2: Locate the downloaded file you want to restore and click on the grey link to re-download it.

Solution 2: Get back deleted files on Chromebook from Trash folder

Chromebooks retain deleted files in the Trash folder for 30 days, providing you with an opportunity to recover them.

Step 1: Open the “Files” app on your Chromebook, then click on the “Trash” option to access your deleted files.

Step 2: Right-click on the deleted file you want to recover and select the “Restore from trash” option from the context menu.

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Restore from Trash

Solution 3: Find and restore deleted files on Chromebook

If you use Google Drive to store your Chromebook files, there’s a chance to restore them from there.

Step 1: Visit the Google Drive website and click on “Trash” on the left to access the deleted files.

Step 2: Locate the deleted file and click on the three dots, then select the “Restore” option.

Restore from Google Drive

How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows

Similar to Chromebooks, Windows provides a Recycle Bin folder to store deleted files temporarily. You can recover deleted files within 30 days, or you can opt for specialized data recovery software like MyRecover.

MyRecover is a highly-praised data recovery software that offers powerful features and a user-friendly design. It supports the recovery of various file types from HDDs, USB drives, SD cards, and other storage devices. It even maintains the original file format during the recovery process.

Step 1: Launch MyRecover on your PC and select the partition that contains the files you need to recover. Then click the “Start Scan” button.

Select location to scan

Step 2: Locate your desired files by searching by name, date, type, size, or path. After the scan, you can also browse through all the recovered and missing files.

Scanning drive

Step 3: In the “Deleted Files” or “Other Missing Files” folder, select the files you want to recover and click on “Recover x files”. Make sure to store the recovered files in a different location.

Select temp files to restore

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are deleted files stored in the Trash folder on Chromebooks?
A: Chromebooks retain deleted files in the Trash folder for 30 days.

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Q: Can I recover deleted files on Chromebook if I use Google Drive?
A: Yes, you can restore deleted files from Google Drive by accessing the Trash folder.

Q: Is it possible to recover files permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin on Windows?
A: Yes, you can use specialized data recovery software like MyRecover to recover files even after they have been deleted from the Recycle Bin.


Losing important files can be distressing, but with the right methods, you can recover them and restore peace of mind. Whether you’re using a Chromebook or Windows, the solutions provided in this article will help you retrieve your deleted files. Remember to act promptly and avoid overwriting the deleted files to increase the chances of successful recovery.

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