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How to Install Pokemon Go From Play Store in Any Country

The Pokemon Go game for Android smartphones and iOS is breaking the internet, and its impact on people is evident from its popularity on social networks. However, not everyone has been able to become a part of the Pokemon Go phenomenon due to the limited availability of the game in the US, Australia, and NZ. But here’s some good news for all you Pokemon fans – there’s a way to install Pokemon Go from the Play Store in any country.

Faking Your Location

To install Pokemon Go on your Android device, you will need to fake your device’s location. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Location Faker and VPN Apps

First, install a location faker app like Fake Location Spoofer or Fake GPS, as well as a VPN app. There are several VPN apps available for Android, but we recommend using TunnelBear.

Step 2: Enable Mock Location

Go to Settings -> Developer Options on your Android device. In the “Debugging” section, tap on “Select mock location app”. Here, select the Fake Location Spoofer app or any other location faker app you’ve installed.

Android select mock location app

Note: To enable Developer Options, go to Settings -> About phone and tap on the “Build number” 7 times.

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Step 3: Set Location Mode and Fake Your Location

Go to Settings -> Location -> Mode and set it to “Device only”. Then, open the Fake Location Spoofer app and search for either the US, Australia, or NZ. Hit the play button to start faking your location.

Location settings and Fake Location Spoofer app

Step 4: Connect VPN

Open the VPN app you’ve installed and connect it with the virtual location you’ve chosen in the Fake Location Spoofer app.

Step 5: Clear Play Store Data

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store. In the app info page, enter “Storage” and tap on “Clear data”.

Google Play Store clear data

Step 6: Install Pokemon Go

Go to the Play Store link of Pokemon Go, and the Play Store should open up afresh. Accept the prompts, and you should see the “Install” button.

Install Pokemon Go From Play Store in any country

Step 7: Complete Account Setup

Hit the install button, after which Google will prompt you to complete account setup for the Play Store by adding a payment method. Tap on “Skip”, and the game will start downloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to install Pokemon Go from the Play Store using this method?
A: Yes, we have tested and verified this method, and it works as expected. However, always be cautious when installing any apps and ensure you download them from trusted sources.

Q: Do I need a VPN to play Pokemon Go?
A: No, once you have successfully installed Pokemon Go from the Play Store, you can play the game without using a VPN.

Q: Can I use this method on iOS devices?
A: No, this method is specifically for Android devices. iOS users can download Pokemon Go directly from the App Store.

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Downloading and installing Pokemon Go from the Play Store is a secure way to enjoy the game, even if it’s not officially available in your country. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll be able to join in on the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Happy gaming and good luck catching ’em all!

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