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How to Lock a Google Doc: Protect Your Documents with Eireview

how to lock a document in google docs

Google Docs is a powerful collaboration platform, but what happens when you need to protect your documents from unauthorized editing, copying, and sharing? In this article, we will explore the limitations of Google Docs’ built-in security and introduce a more secure solution with Eireview.

Built-in Google Docs Restrictions

By sharing a Google Doc and granting users the “Viewer” or “Commenter” role, you can restrict options like printing and downloading. However, these restrictions are easy to bypass by disabling JavaScript, leaving your document vulnerable. To effectively lock a Google Doc, you need an alternative solution.

Can You Lock a Google Doc Securely?

Password protection is often the go-to option for locking Google Docs, but it is not entirely secure. To ensure the highest level of protection, a DRM solution like Locklizard Safeguard can be used. With encryption, transparent licensing, and a secure viewer application, Locklizard Safeguard prevents unauthorized editing, copying, and screenshotting of your documents.

How to Prevent Editing and Copying in Google Docs

  1. Open your Google Document and go to “File > Download > PDF document.”
  2. Right-click the downloaded PDF file in Windows File Explorer and select “Make Secure PDF.”
  3. Choose the desired controls and click the “Publish” button to protect the PDF. Only authorized users can open, view, and print the document.
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How to Track Google Doc Views

While Google Docs offers built-in view tracking for Google Workplace subscribers, it is not suitable for strict security or compliance use cases. Locklizard Safeguard Enterprise provides a solution with comprehensive document view and print logging, eliminating the possibility of opt-out or unauthorized copying.

How to Stop Sharing of a Google Doc

Google Docs’ sharing options, such as sharing with specific accounts or sharing via a link, are not entirely secure. To prevent unauthorized sharing, Locklizard’s DRM solution encrypts documents with AES 256-bit encryption, making them indecipherable to unauthorized users. Additionally, controls like disallowing screen capture and adding watermarks further enhance document security.

Using Locklizard Web Viewer

For users who primarily work with web browsers, Locklizard offers a web viewer that provides additional security compared to Google Docs. Features include document expiry, dynamic watermarks, complete document encryption, copy prevention, and more.

A Secure Alternative to Google Docs

While Google Docs is a convenient collaboration tool, it lacks the necessary security for sensitive or confidential information. Locklizard Safeguard complements Google Docs by offering additional security features without compromising user-friendliness and convenience.

To lock your Google Docs from editing, sharing, and copying, try a 15-day free trial of Locklizard’s DRM software.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Locklizard prevent anonymous viewers from viewing documents?
    Yes, access to locked content is restricted to authorized users and their devices.

  • Does Locklizard prevent the download of protected documents?
    No, there is no need to prevent downloads as the encrypted and locked documents can only be viewed by authorized users.

  • How does Locklizard prevent copy and paste?
    Locklizard’s DRM controls prevent users from copying text and images, and screenshot protection blocks screen grabbing apps from capturing content.

  • How can I prevent students from sharing a document?
    Locklizard’s secure licensing system ensures that protected documents can only be accessed on authorized devices, preventing unauthorized sharing.

  • If you lock a Google Doc with a password, does it prevent editing and copying?
    No, password protection in Google Docs can still be bypassed. Locklizard’s DRM solution provides stronger security measures.

  • Does Locklizard lock text and images in a doc?
    Yes, Locklizard’s encryption and DRM controls lock the entire document, including text and images, preventing editing, copying, and pasting.

  • Can you use Locklizard to lock parts of a doc?
    No, Locklizard locks the entire document, ensuring comprehensive protection.

  • Can you lock a Google Doc with a password?
    Yes, but password protection in Google Docs is not highly secure. Look to Locklizard for stronger security measures.

  • Can users save a locked Google Doc?
    Users can save a locked Google Doc by disabling JavaScript or printing it as a PDF. However, Locklizard protected documents cannot be saved in unprotected formats.

  • If I use Locklizard to restrict editing, will annotations still work?
    Yes, while document content cannot be edited, users can still add markups and notes within Locklizard’s secure Viewer.

  • Can you lock a Google Sheet using Locklizard?
    Native locking of Google Sheets is not possible. You can convert the spreadsheet to a PDF format and protect it using Locklizard.

  • Can Locklizard-locked docs be emailed to others?
    Yes, you can email locked PDF files as attachments, offering a more secure method compared to Gmail confidential mode.

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With Eireview – Extractive Industries Review, you can enhance the security of your documents and collaborate with confidence.