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The Complete Guide to Roku Parental Controls

Great news for families! Roku has recently introduced a Kids and Family section on the Roku Channel, along with the addition of parental controls. This is a significant development for a streaming TV platform that has been lacking solid parental control features.

The Kids and Family section on Roku is a curated collection of child-friendly content from various channels. Every piece of content is carefully chosen by an in-house editorial team. What makes it even better is that this section is designed to have fewer ads, and the ones that are displayed are kid-appropriate, vetted, and served by Roku internally.

Enabling these parental controls is crucial for families as Roku also hosts explicit content. Along with the new Kids and Family parental controls, parents can set a 4-digit pin to restrict the addition of new channels to the Roku account.

How to Set your Roku Pin

To protect young viewers from accessing inappropriate content, it is essential to set a 4-digit pin. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log in to your Roku account through a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Under PIN Preferences, select Update and choose the option to always require a PIN for purchases and adding items from the Channel Store.
  3. Enter a 4-digit number to create the PIN, verify it, and save the changes.
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How to Remove Roku Hidden Channels Using the Pin

Once you have established a PIN, you can remove channels from your Roku device. Additionally, you can hide items like the Movie Store, TV Store, and News from the main screen. Here’s how:

  1. Using the Roku remote, go to the Roku home screen and select My Channels.
  2. Navigate to the channel you want to remove and press the Options button (the * key) on the remote.
  3. Select Remove Channel and confirm the removal.
  4. Repeat these steps for any other channels you want to remove. You can also remove channels using the Roku app for Android/iOS.
  5. To hide items like the Movie/TV Store and News, access the Roku device’s Settings Menu, select Home Screen, and choose Hide. You can always choose to show them again.

However, please note that while the 4-digit pin prevents the addition and viewing of inappropriate channels, it does not prevent browsing through the channels. It is crucial to be aware of this and take necessary precautions.

Roku Adult Channels

Parental Controls for The Roku Channel

If you want to watch shows on The Roku Channel, you need to enter your PIN when trying to access content with certain ratings. The table below shows the ratings levels and PIN requirements:

  • = Content with this rating on The Roku Channel can be watched without a PIN
  • = A PIN is required to watch content with this rating on The Roku Channel

Roku Channel Parental Controls

Please keep in mind a couple of additional points about Roku Channel parental controls:

  • Titles restricted by your PIN preferences are still visible when browsing or searching for content on The Roku Channel, even if you cannot watch them.
  • The Roku Channel parental controls only apply to video viewing within The Roku Channel and do not affect video playback on any other streaming app.
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Additional Steps for the Roku TV

If you own a Roku TV, you can further restrict access based on TV and movie ratings. This feature allows you to block programs that fall outside specified rating limits. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Settings, then Parental controls.
  3. Enable Parental Controls and set the desired TV/movie ratings limits. You can also choose to block unrated programs. Blocked programs will not show video, audio, or title/description unless the Roku PIN is entered.

What About Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and YouTube?

It’s important to note that parental controls for these streaming services are separate from the Roku device. Each of these services has its own parental control settings. Here are some links to help you set up parental controls for each respective service:

If you ever need to review a child’s Google activity, including their YouTube viewing history, you can access it through Google My Activity.

Roku Parental Controls Bottom Line for Parents

The recent introduction of the Kids and Family section and parental controls on Roku is a step in the right direction. However, it’s worth noting that Roku devices do not support individual profiles, which means parents will be subject to the same controls unless they manually disable and re-enable them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In conclusion, Roku has made significant improvements to its parental control features by adding the Kids and Family section and a 4-digit pin for channel restrictions. It is crucial for parents to take advantage of these features to ensure a safe streaming experience for their children. Remember to also set up separate parental controls for other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and YouTube. Stay informed and keep exploring the world of entertainment with Roku!

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