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How to Print From A Chromebook

Google’s Chrome OS platform has been around for over five years, but it is still considered an evolving ecosystem. If you are transitioning from a mature desktop platform like Windows or OS X, you may be surprised to find that Chrome OS lacks the ability to print through the conventional way. Chromebooks do not feature a port to connect to printers directly and do not support USB printers.

So, if you are using a Chromebook and need to print a document, webpage, or picture, the only way to do so is through Google Cloud Print. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up and use Google Cloud Print on your Chromebook.

Set up Google Cloud Print on Chromebook

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the menu three-dot button located at the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, select Settings.

Chromebook Settings

  1. In the Settings page, scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings. Then, continue scrolling until you find the Google Cloud Print section. Click on Manage.

Chrome OS show advanced settings

  1. If you have previously added any printers to your Google account, you will find them listed here. If you are using Google Cloud Print for the first time, click on Add printers.

Chrome Cloud Print Add Printers

  1. A list of all the Google Cloud Print supported printers connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromebook will appear. Select the printer(s) you want to use and click on Add printer(s).
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Chrome Cloud Print Printers Available

Once you have completed these steps, the printers will be available for all your printing needs on your Chromebook. You can remove a printer or manage the printers added by going to the Cloud Print manage page through Chrome Settings.

Add a Local Printer to Cloud Print

If you do not have a Cloud Print supported printer, you will need to add your classic or local printers through a Mac or Windows PC.

  1. Add the local printer through the “Printer & scanners” settings on your Windows or OS X computer.

Windows 10 add printer
Mac add printer

  1. Once the local printer is added on your PC or Mac, open Google Chrome on the same computer and repeat the aforementioned steps to add the printers to your Google account with Cloud Print. After completing this step, you can log in with the same Google account on your Chromebook, and the printers will be available for you.

Start Printing on Chromebook

After you have set up and added Cloud Print enabled printers to your Google account, you can begin printing from your Chromebook.

To print from a Chromebook, follow these steps:

  • Open the file, document, webpage, or picture you want to print.
  • Press the key combination Ctrl+P or right click anywhere on the page and select Print. Alternatively, you can go to Menu->Print.
  • A preview of the print will appear. Click on the “Change” button next to “Destination” if you need to change the printer. Once you have selected the printer, click on “Print”, and your document, picture, or webpage will be printed.
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Chrome OS change printer
Chrome OS available printers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I print directly from my Chromebook without using Google Cloud Print?
A: No, Chromebooks do not support direct printing. Google Cloud Print is the only way to print from a Chromebook.

Q: Can I add classic local printers to Chrome OS without a Windows PC or Mac?
A: Unfortunately, Chrome OS does not natively support adding classic local printers. You can only add them through a Windows PC or a Mac.

Q: Are there any alternatives to Google Cloud Print for printing from a Chromebook?
A: Currently, Google Cloud Print is the primary method for printing from a Chromebook. However, you can explore third-party apps or services that offer printing capabilities for Chrome OS.


While Cloud Print enabled printers are easy to add on a Chromebook, it is unfortunate that there is no native support for adding classic local printers. This limitation requires you to have access to a Windows PC or a Mac to add them. Nonetheless, once set up, printing on a Chromebook becomes a seamless experience.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding printing on your Chromebook, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. Happy printing!